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Human Design Centres: Sacral Centre

In Human Design there are 9 centres. These centres transform and transmute the life force as it flows through our Bodygraph. The 9 centres are closely linked to the 7 Main Chakras.

This centre is designed to respond to life.

It is the prime motor of the Bodygraph and can be both generative and degenerative. You must have respect for this centre regardless if you have it defined, undefined or open. Always honouring your Strategy & Authority so you can avoid burnout.


There are 9 gates in the Sacral centre each repersenting vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. I also like to look at the Astrological placements for each gate so you can get an added layer into your activated gates.

Do you have any gates activated?

Defined centre

Only Generators or Manifesting Generators will have this centre defined. If this centre is defined you will also have it linked to one or more centres surrounding it. How is your sacral energy being transformed?

Undefined centre

This centre is 1 of 4 motors so you may have another motor. Just because you have this centre undefined it does not mean that you are not here to create.


I respect the way my my sacral centre shows up for me - I align with honour and grace.

Taking your time to connect with this centre will truly nourish you and support you as you call in more flow into your life. Learning to understand how your energy is processed is here to move you forwards.

To learn more about your Human Design and how you can dive deeper into your chart - you can:-

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