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My intention with everything that I do is to create a nurturing space where you can reconnect back to a place of balance and calm. Reconnect back to your body, your heart and your soul.


Whether you are in need of:

:: body work - Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology or Abdominal-Sacral Massage so you can connect back to your body

:: Energy work - Reiki healing so you can balance your energy

:: Human Design Reading or Mentoring - understand and be reminded of who your soul came here to be

:: Meditation - Calm the chaos in your body and mind


If you are unsure then book in for a FREE Discovery Call.

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Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing tradition based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected by energy pathways. A foot reflexology treatment uses pressure massage on specific areas of the feet to stimulate healing & releasing areas of tension....

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Facial Reflexology aims to relax and help remove stress by assisting the body to heal and balance itself. During Facial Reflexology gentle pressure is applied to the different reflex zones and reflexology points on the face.... read more

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Abdominal massage is used to help support reproductive health, digestive health, the menstrual cycle and your fertility. ​The massage works with the intention of helping to bring the organs within the abdominal area back into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments within the pelvic area and therefore improve circulation.

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Hot Stone Reflexology is Foot Reflexology with the added benefit of warm Bassalt stones. It is a very gentle touch. The stones are lovely and warm and assist the body to feel nurtured.

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As a qualified Reflexologist I trained in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), an award winning reflexology technique, with Sally Kay BSc(Hons) who researched and developed it whilst working in Cancer Care. It is a unique sequence that focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body.

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy which is a gentle hands on treatment. It works by intuitively activating your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Reiki heals and clears stagnant energy blocks and patterns so energy can flow freely in your body. If you are looking for a natural way to help with any stress, anxiety, physical or emotional pain – this is a gentle way to give yourself some space for healing.