My mission is to help you reconnect to your body, heart, mind & soul, supporting you as you reignite the power of your true self.


I have created a nurturing space where you are seen and heard. A space where I will balance your hormones. A space where I will reconnect you to your body. A space where I will release stress so you can feel calm. A space for you to restore and recharge.


Using my intuitive gifts as I hold you by using Reflexology, Reiki, Meditation, Reiki Teaching & Human Design coaching; I will reconnect you to your body, your heart & your soul.


"I would like to express what a difference coming to see you has brought to me, I don’t just see it as having a reflexology treatment for relaxation, it is about so much more, from understanding how my body feels and how to be more in control of it, as well as dealing with difficult situations and seeing them from a different perspective." 



Having worked in a highly stressful Corporate environment for 17 years, I was overstressed and continually running on empty. I was completely disconnected from my true self, from my heart and soul. I had no idea who I actually was.


I began to reconnect to my body & soul by committing to regular Reflexology and Reiki healing. This really helped my overstress body, to calm down & become stronger. It also taught me to connect to love. I then left the Corporate world in 2017 and started my own complementary therapy business.


When I learnt about my Human Design, I was given an incredible insight to not only my purpose but how best to use my energy, areas where I had been conditioned in life & how to make the best decisions for me and my business. It helped me to find my voice and to be empowered by being seen.


I am now in alignment with my truth. I am fully connected to who I am, my vision and purpose of my business.



I qualified with a Distinction in August 2010 at the acclaimed Practitioners School of Reflexology at Middlesex Hospital ran by Andrew James. Through continued development I offer:

I am also a qualified Reiki Master Teacher enabling me to pass Reiki teachings onto other



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