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United Kingdom


Ever since I trained to become a Reflexologist in 2010 I was introduced to the idea that we can live a life that has balance. Since then I have trained in other wonderful Complementary Therapies so that I can help to restore balance in my clients lives. By using Reflexology, Abdominal Massage, Reiki & coaching techniques I have found that they are a great combination in supporting your physical and emotional body.

Over time, I have developed a special interest in helping women achieve health and balance.  The hormonal system is delicate and can easily become irregular, causing many problems for the individual.  I strongly believe that hormone balance is essential to a woman’s overall health and well-being, greatly impacting her longevity and quality of life.  I work with my patients to restore balance.


In essence, the work I do is supportive, natural, and encompasses an authentic and positive intention to assist healing and enhance quality of life.


Restoring Balance


I wanted to let you know that the pregnancy test we did on Sunday is Positive!! I cannot begin to tell you how much I have appreciated all your efforts to get us to this point. Obviously we still have a long way to go and it is still early days but I really could not have got this far without all your support and advice.