Group Reiki Balance

Group Reiki Balance takes place in the comfort of your own home. This is time for you to disconnect for 25 minutes as there is no Zoom, Skype or any other electronic connection. The only connection is the beautiful Reiki energy. You can read more on REIKI here

This takes place every other Sunday. At either 11am or 7pm *do notice the time at booking

Once you have BOOKED your place, you do not need to do anything else other than be open to receive. I do invite you, if you can, to stop at the time listed. You can have a bath, read a book, listen to a meditation. If life still needs to continue then that is also OK. Trust that the situation you are in is right for you.

The next GROUP REIKI BALANCE is on Sunday, 19th July at 11am.

Once you have booked you will receive a booking confirmation. If you do not receive this please let me know as it will mean that I don't have you on my list of people to send to.

If you are booking in for you and your family - pay for as man spaces as you need and make a note of their names in the booking, so I know.

Group Reiki Balance

Being Held

Time for you to be held in a positive and nurturing space for Women.


A 4 week workshop where you can come along and be held. I will be creating a positive & nurturing space that will be filled with hope. This space will be online via Zoom. I will be including meditation, topic talk & insight plus also I will share a collective message.

This workshop will begin on Sunday, 19th July at 7pm and will be 90 minutes. It will be at the same time each Sunday for a full 4 weeks in total. 

You can either book your spaces for the full 4 weeks at a discounted price of £30 OR book your space ad hoc for £10 per week. Every place booked will receive a copy of the recording so if you are unable to make it to the live then you can still catch up.

Themes each week will be:

Week 1 - Connection - 19th July

Week 2 - Nurturing - 26th July

Week 3 - Hope - 2nd August

Week 4 - In flow - 9th August


I will not be asking anything of you other than for you to be. Whilst you will have the opportunity to share, you will not be expected to share if you do not want to. This is a space for holding, connecting to our hearts whilst we feel the warmth of the circle of women.


Find a space where you won't be interrupted for 90 minutes. and allow me to hold you.

To BOOK for all 4 weeks - purchase the 4 week workshop ticket that you will see in Week 1 and you will be added to each week.

BEING HELD - Week 1 Connection
BEING HELD - Week 2 Nurturing
BEING HELD - Week 3 Hope
BEING HELD - Week 4 In Flow

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