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Meditation has been pivotal to me in being present in this chaotic & overwhelming world. It was my safe space during Covid and it was during this time that I decided to start offering meditation classes online. I have continued to record and write meditations - you can listen to them on Insight Timer & YouTube.

and now Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcast!

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Are you ready to CREATE CHANGE within?

Healing Meditations that I have been called to create and share with you.

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These Monthly Online Meditations and Distant Reiki Healing sessions, generally happen around the last Sunday of every month at 8:30pm. You are invited to turn up with your camera off, ear plugs in and listen to my voice taking you on a guided healing journey. No meditation experience required!

  • 23 Jun 2024, 20:30 – 21:00
    Embark on a journey to connect with, balance, and heal your Sacral Chakra, the seat of your creativity. This is more than a meditation - it is an activation of the Sacral Chakra.
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