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A letter to my Manifesting Generators

My Pure Manifesting Generators ....of which I am one of them.

Goodness me, what a road we have travelled and are travelling. We are a blend of both Generator and Manifestor. We are not either, even though strictly speaking we are a Generator. I do not connect with being a Generator nor a Manifestor yet I can see myself in both.

Dancing with my soul as she desires to be constantly on the go; moving quickly. Jumping from one lane, into another, turning around and going back. To then turn right and make my way forward down a completely different road. I know that I am so incredibly capable BUT that just because I can, does not mean that I must do. Does not matter what course correct I am taking as long as I am following my spine tingling joy. Releasing my ‘SHOULDS’ as they shift and change along the way.

Patience, frustration and anger are my emotional teachers; guiding me to wait, listen, RESPOND and to then engage when my sacral has given me the go ahead. Even sometimes I know that it is also best for me to inform those around me. I am not asking permission, if they think it is a good idea or not. But I know that when they engage in what I am doing, it is because they want to be there.

I have learnt to love every single new thing in my life. The way that I bounce from idea to idea, keeps me feeling satisfied. To not feel ashamed of ANOTHER thing that I learnt. I do not label who I am, I am me. I am here to be someone different. I love it!! I am showing those around me to engage with life, to do what brings you joy. I know that it is OK for me to disengage when the commitment is no longer lighting me up. Letting it go, will support me in creating space for new, exciting things to come in.

Call to action for all my Manifesting Generators - let us dance, play, shift, move, evolve, change. Let us truly listen to our hearts desires. Every single one of them. Following the stepping stones through life, the path to our purpose. The path to our souls desires.

We are all here to be who we are, so together we can all create something truly amazing.

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