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Your Human Design chart

Your Human Design chart will show you so many things individually - then as a collective it will again give you a whole additional level.

The chart will show your specific genetic design - guiding you to who you are, how to be yourself, listening to your very own intuitive voice and therefore allowing your to navigate through a constantly changing world.

If you haven't already you can run your Human Design at

Here is a breakdown of what you will find:-


There are 5 types:

  1. Reflector

  2. Projector

  3. Manifestor

  4. Generator

  5. Manifesting Generator


Each type brings their own unique strategy. Your strategy will help you to remove resistance and fear.

  1. Waiting a lunar cycle

  2. Waiting to be invited

  3. To inform

  4. To respond

  5. To respond and to inform


Along with your Strategy, your authority supports you in making moment to moment decisions that are correct for you and your unique life purpose.

The different types of Authority are:-

  1. Solar Plexus - Emotional Authority

  2. Sacral Authority

  3. Splenic Authority

  4. Heart Centre Authority

  5. Self Projected Authority

  6. Mental Authority

  7. Lunar Authority

On top of all that you also have options from:-

  • 9 Centres

  • 12 Profiles

  • 5 Definitions

  • 64 Gates

  • 32 Channels

  • 192 Incarnations Cross possibilities

You will only be 1 type, strategy & authority, profile, definition & Incarnation cross. Centres, Gates and Channels will be a mix - there is no minimum or maximum per person.

You will have 26 gate activations but they can fall under any of the 6 lines.

You can see from the above list - how many different combinations and possibilities there can be - depending on how it all shows up is very bespoke to who you are. You are not and nor will you ever be anything like your neighbour.


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