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A letter to my Generator

As I walk beside you I thank you for teaching me patience. I watch you as you play with life and all the joy that it brings you. I see how when life excites you, your energy is in abundance. I watch in awe as you release those things that no longer bring you joy. As you release them I can see how you dance with ease.

As you play and respond with a 'YES' to life, there is an abundance of magic surrounding you. You are so focused on knowing who you are as you give 100% to your gift. You are so committed to what you are doing and where you are going. I love how you absorb it all in. Watching you play as you wait for life to come to you so that you can respond with your Yes or your No. I know that when you say No, you have listened to your body, to that visceral message within. I honour your response, and I thank you for your truth.

I know you know that you have a wealth of energy and power when you are operating from that place of joy. Releasing those things that no longer bring you joy will support you and your body from burning out.

Thank you for teaching me patience. Thank you for showing up as you light yourself up by connecting to your joy. Thank you for being your wonderful magnetic self in this crazy chaotic world!


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