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Human Design Centres: Solar Plexus Centre

In Human Design there are 9 centres. These centres transform and transmute the life force as it flows through our Bodygraph. The 9 centres are closely linked to the 7 Main Chakras.

This centre is designed to gain a sense of emotional clarity over time.

It is both a motor and an awareness centre of the Bodygraph and has a deep impact. Each awareness centre has a unique freuquency - the Solar Plexus governs emotions & operates with a biochemical wave. It is a mutative process that takes you into the depths of the emotions - travelling from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.


There are 7 gates in the Solar Plexus centre each one bringing in a layer of emotions, feelings, desire, awareness & moods. I also like to look at the Astrological placements for each gate so you can get an added layer into your activated gates.

Do you have any gates activated?

Defined centre

If you have this centre defined you will also have an emotional authority. If this centre is defined it will be linked to one or more centres surrounding it. What is moving in and through your defined centre? What other centres are directly linked and connected through a channel, to this emtoional centre?

Undefined centre

This undefined centre is sensitive to the emotions around you as you absorb and amply them. You are not your emotions and you are not here to solve the emotional problems of your defined centres that surround you. This is a great source to observe the emotional landscape as you discern who is emotionally healthy for you and when it is appropriate to confront others with your truth or needs and when to remove yourself completely. You will find yourself moving to a more peaceful state when you remove yourself and are on your own.

The voice of this undefined centre does not want confrontation. Confrontation for the undefined centre is very challenging. Doesn't matter how much you try it will never feel good. A level of confrontaton is important if you want to create strong boundaries, intimacy, and a level of vulnerability. It is important for you to share what is on your heart - you matter, your needs matter.


I honour my Solar Plexus and the emotions that it is showing me now. I do not let it defined me.

Taking your time to connect with this centre will truly nourish you and support you as you call in more flow into your life. Learning to understand how your energy is processed is here to move you forwards.

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