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Case Study - Unexplained Infertility

Case Study: Michelle - 34 Years First Appointment: 5/02/2018

Michelle came to me 6 months after her second miscarriage. Her first miscarriage was just before her 12 week scan and her second miscarriage was only a few weeks as she was not aware that she was pregnant.

Sleep was varied and would be a problem if she was feeling anxious. Her diet was not great as she was eating a lot of processed foods. She wasn't drinking much water. Her alcohol intake was not overly high however when she did go out with friends she would drink an excess amount. Whilst her caffeine intake was not high she still drunk tea and coffee each day.

My focus was for her to heal. The trauma of the 2 miscarriages was leaving her feeling incredibly anxious plus having an effect on her relationship with her husband. To me, every miscarriage must be healed regardless if you were 1 week pregnant or more.

To make matters more difficult for her, her family (other than her mum and sister) and friends where not aware of what she had been and still going through. My clinic became her safe space to share her feelings, thoughts and fears and for me to nurture her - body, mind and soul. She chose to come and see me weekly.

There were lots and lots of tears shared - it was a roller coaster ride. Doctors could not offer any explanations for her miscarriages and her continued infertility. On top of everything she was also too old to have IVF at her local hospital!

She made incredible changes to her diet, started to go out on date nights with her husband, joined the gym where she swam and took part in some classes. She started to feel more positive and empowered by her choices. She had a completely different outlook on her life and mentioned to me that it was as if she was now seeing her life through different eyes. Everything felt and looked so much brighter.

10 months later - She was pregnant!

The therapies & techniques that I used whilst working with Michelle was Reflexology, Fertility Massage, Breathing techniques, coaching.

Thank you Caroline, for listening and for keeping me going when all I wanted to do was to give up! You healed me more than you would ever know and for this I am eternally grateful. You gave me more than a baby - you gave me my life back! Michelle - January 2019


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