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Surrendering into the rhythm of life

“Surrender to grace. The ocean cares for the wave until it reaches the shore. You are given more help than you will ever know.” ~ RUMI

Surrendering into life has been the biggest teacher and challenge all in one. Somewhere between my early twenties and my mid thirties I chose a life where the struggle & control featured very heavily. The need for control had become my protector. I dabbled in surrendering and trusting in life for a number of years before I got so fed up with feeling like I was in a constant battle with life - during my Shamanic training I declared whole heartedly into the surrendering of NOT KNOWING. It was the best thing that I ever did - trusting in my intuitive guidance.

A lot of decisions I had made in the past had not worked out as planned - they were never wrong decisions. They made me the person that I am today and took me down a path of learning and experience.

What have I found to be the positives of surrendering and trusting in life?


For the majority of the time I feel calmer about life's challenges. it doesn't mean to say that I don't get rattled but I am less likely to run away from a situation. Now I will take a deep breath, step out of the 'struggle'. I will see what my teaching is from this situation that I am in. I will no longer be in a position where it is controlling me or I am controlling it. I sit with it. It is no longer a THING. I am no longer chasing my tail and doing something because I 'SHOULD'.


I am finding myself doing things that I would never ordinarily do. It is so easy to place a ceiling on our heads, believing so little in ourselves that we never reach out for those experiences that expand us. I am allowing my heart to say YES because she knows it is the right thing for me. I have no idea why I want to say YES to something - and I am completely OK with that as I know my higher truth knows me better than I will ever know myself. I end up following breadcrumbs....feel more expanded now that I have ever felt.


Accepting the things that you cannot change. Flowing through life, knowing that there will be things that you are not here to change or need to change. Being in the eye of chaos - middle of a hurricane. Whole heartedly knowing that you cannot change the chaos. It is not for you to change the chaos. Not getting caught up ion the struggle of the chaos and accepting it for what it is.


When you surrender to whatever life is going to show you on any given day, you allow yourself to be present. The struggle will want to take you away form what is right in front of you. It can lead you into second-guessing, over-thinking, controlling - feeling scattered and disconnected. By allowing yourself to surrender – to just melt into life’s pattern and rhythm – you are here. You are in this present moment - the now. The only place where your power is seated.

I see ‘surrender’ as a way to gently calm our fear & worry through acceptance. Surrendering is challenging and I have most certainly not got it 100%. But I have accepted that I am human on this earth having human experiences. I am here to learn and grow on this path that I have chosen. The people that come in and out of my life are bringing me the experiences that I need to grow. To fulfil my life's path.

When you accept what life gives you—when you surrender—you avoid creating all of the negativity that rejection entails. You do not disrupt your own peace. From that place of peace, you can affect change.

"Surrender to what is. Say 'yes' to life - and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you." EKHART TOLLE


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