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Human Design

Dancing with your soul as you begin to let go of how your thought you SHOULD be living and start to hear your internal drum beat. Your truth.

Human Design is an awareness tool that shows you how unique you are. I had an immediate aha moment when I learnt mine and have since found it to be a powerful tool in recognising my true purpose.

When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not—and we’re able to live out our real purpose in the world.

Human Design has opened me to a way of living that isn’t necessarily new, but what connected me to my truer self. I’ve seen a shift in my life as I experiment with my energy type, strategy & authority whilst also seeing areas where I have been conditioned to believe or act a certain way. For these areas of conditioning I have learnt different ways to come back to my truer self.

The world is here to reflect what we believe is true. There is nothing holding you back. You have the power within your mind and subconscious mind for what you choose to believe and embrace who you really are.

This is called the Human Design experiment so go out and experiment with how it speaks to your soul.

Embracing your uniqueness. Falling in love with who you are and letting go of who you are not.


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