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About me


Thank you for coming over to read this post. I was inspired to write a little something about me over on my Instagram as I had recently had some new followers. So who am I?

I am passionate about us all feeling inspired so that we each follow our own paths. I want us to all be so deeply connected to our intuitive soul & hearts voice that we step boldly and courageously forward. Leading a life of joy and play as it leads us to our purpose for this life. We each have our own individual purpose for being here and it is so so needed so we can make up the mosaic of life.

Before I leapt into this current life full time (after dabbling for a number of years in the background!); I worked in a highly stressful corporate environment as an Executive Assistant. Before that I was a nanny for a wonderful but incredibly busy family. So I understand juggling, stress & burnout from a business, home and self employed point of view. I have witnessed first hand the importance of reconnecting to a place where you can have balance & calm in this chaotic world!

In my clinic in Wantage, Oxfordshire I offer both in person and online appointments. The treatments that I offer are:






I have played and created combination treatments too; so take a look at my website so see what excites you.

For those of you who are interested; in astrology I am a Pisces sun, Libra asc and an Aquarius moon. In Human Design; I am a Manifesting Generator with a 3/5 profile and an Emotional authority.

Pop into my comments or DM's to come and say hello. Tell me a little something about you.

From my heart to yours,

Caroline xx


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