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Your Inner Guru Knows Best

I love reading and exploring the writings of different authors. One of those that I follow is Rebecca Campbell. Every now and again I ‘dip in’. Allowing the book to fall open as and where it wants to. When prepping for my meditation group, I picked up her Light is the new Black book and opened it up to this page. This has been one of my biggest learning’s over the last few months and I felt the need to share it with the rest of my group.

It is so easy to label someone a ‘Guru’ just because they come across as knowing more than you however if you give your mind the opportunity to quieten I am sure that your inner guru will come up with something that is even better for you! YOUR INNER GURU KNOWS BEST.

You can find the text below from Rebecca Campbells website and her book – Light is the New Black

Your Inner Guru knows best. Better than even the most guru like of teachers. The wise ones. The saints. The sages and the swamis. Your inner guru knows best.
Sometimes it’s just tricky to hear what it’s saying before your head comes in and doubts it all. To differentiate the crazy voice from the wholehearted, centred one. Or then there’s the times where we wish it didn’t know best and so we clutch outwards for another opinion to contradict our guidance and rest our fears, secretly hoping it didn’t know best in the first place. (Hello getting back with the ex, staying in a job we hate or trusting someone we knew we shouldn’t).
Eventually we realise that our inner guru DID know best. Annoyingly so. And that if we had of listened to that niggling little voice in the first place we would probably have save ourselves a heck of a lot of time/pain/money/pride. Bygones.
As inconvenient as all of that is, it is comforting to realise that we have everything we could possibly need inside us to get through any obstacle. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but the more and more you nurture and listen to your inner guru, the clearer the whisper gets.
The best way I’ve found to listen to my inner guru is to carve out a non-negotiable time every day (even just 10 minutes) to connect with myself and listen to that little voice inside me. The more and more you do it, the louder and clearer the guidance becomes. And the more and more you act on it, the more content, aligned and comfortable in your own skin you feel.
You have everything you need inside yourself right now because your inner guru knows best.


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