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Why the full moon?

The Full Moon represents the peak of the Lunar Cycle. It is when the work we’ve done since the New Moon culminates, and our intentions manifest, or we realize where they are locked. The Full Moon is both a time of celebration and revelation when we can honor the steps we have made and see what in our lives needs attention to shift. Full Moons feel intense to our energetic body. They stir up emotions, both consciously and subconsciously. While their intensity can feel challenging to our system, it is ultimately a good thing.

Every Full Moon provides us the opportunity to transform our emotions and raise our vibration one moon at a time. To work with the emotions revealed by the Full Moon, we must be willing to feel them. We need to lean into them and allow ourselves to understand their origin. Of course, we always have free will and can choose to ignore what rises to the surface. This suppression, though, tends to lead to sleepless nights, feelings of irritability, and even physical ailments around the Full Moon. What we resist really does persist.

Our true essence, beneath our emotions, wants to feel good. We want to resolve our negative emotions, and we want to heal. The Full Moon amplifies our desire to work through the feelings that block us from living our best lives. It reminds us that our life is to be celebrated. We are capable and worthy of feeling joy, gratitude, and love. Furthermore, these energies are well within our reach if we are willing to work through the blocks that prevent the full manifestation of our intentions. At the deepest layers of our physical bodies, we are energetic beings made of subtle frequencies. We are not that much different from light or sound, consisting of waves vibrating at different levels.

Depending on our thoughts and emotions, we vibrate at higher and lower frequencies. Our overall vibration is created by the many thoughts and emotions running through our body at any one time. One thought or emotion, though, can take over our entire vibration and affect all areas of our life- even the ones we think are not connected. For instance, if you feel frustrated by a situation at work, your overall vibration lowers as a result. This lower vibration disrupts other parts of your life, including your relationships, health, and even your ability to see beauty in the world. It can also block your potential to manifest your intentions.

When we exist in a higher vibratory state, aligned with feelings of love, gratitude, passion, and joy, we find ourselves in the flow. We attract everything we need to help us manifest our highest visions and our greatest potential. Things magically fall into place with little effort. Abundance becomes available to us, and we feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation for everything in our lives- even our challenges. The Full Moon brings us the opportunity to vibrate at a higher level by shedding light on what lowers our vibration. With the help of the Moon, we can see thoughts, feelings, and even words we use to block ourselves from attracting the life of our dreams.

We are already connected to everything we desire. The reality we want to live is possible and, in many ways, is already available to us- if we are willing to let go of anything that prevents us from living it. The Full Moon is the time to become aware of and release any energy that prevents us from manifesting our visions. Through conscious effort and attention, we can shift energies we no longer want to carry and welcome energies that align with our soul.

We celebrate each Full Moon and remember the magic of the Universe we live in. Full Moons are important times of the Lunar Cycle that remind us of the infinite space we are apart of, its mystery, and its power. No matter what this Full Moon brings us, feel joy for your life and celebrate this time. Remember, you are made of the same energy of the Universe around you. You are the Moon, the Ocean, and the Planets.

You are just as powerful, magical, and beautiful. Feel into the truth of your power and honor it as you honor the Full Moon.


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