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One Year on...

Here we are, ONE YEAR ON....I have been reflecting these last few days on how things have evolved for me.

Amidst some navigational challenges, I have grown and expanded so much. On my birthday last year, I went for 24hrs to Soho Farmhouse with one of my great friends. We were planning our year of retreats & courses. We had so many juicy plans to be of service as individuals and also as collaboration. After 3 years of putting in so much hard work into my clinic and clients, I was finally beginning to see the fruits of the impactful changes my clients and I had made.

And stopped.....just like that. The plaster had well and truly been ripped off. Everything I had lived for had come to an abrupt halt.

What have I learnt - what has been my healing through all of this?

After a month or so of grieving, I sat with my spirit guide and asked. What can I do? Please show me the way. The message was very clear. Take each day as it comes. Step into your feminine energy of being in flow. Every day is met with sunrise and sunset. The ebb and flow of the ocean. BE. JUST BE.

Now was my time to step in and heal those deep wounds. Relinquish control, surrender and trust that there is a different story that I cannot yet see, but that all will become clear. Release the outcome of what I had envisioned as I had placed it upon my head as a glass ceiling that I did not want to break. Releasing what I felt normal was. Releasing what I SHOULD be doing.

I have experienced some deep healing of wounds in my heart & throat. I went even deeper into my MEDITATION practice, REIKI SELF HEALING and understand myself even more through my HUMAN DESIGN. I was presented with twists and turns, heart break, release, lack of self worth, healing, joy and the biggest lesson for me was seeing all that I do have as I stepped away from the struggle of what I no longer have – or was no longer receiving.

12 months on – my practice has grown. My purpose has definitely evolved. I am reaching people around the world and not just in a 15mile radius of my clinic space.

I have the most beautiful MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY that continues to grow and also expand me.

I have had the joy to connect with many DISTANT REIKI HEALINGS to a wider group of people. Most of which have said that they never would have begun their healing journey with me had they not been able to do it online.

My HUMAN DESIGN COACHING and READINGS have opened up and empowered others just as it continues to empower me. These learnings continue to amaze me, even at times bring me to tears. The truth, the absolute truth of my soul.

Reconnecting to spirit, surrendering to the unknown, trusting that I am going in the direction of my heart, allowing spirit to lead me. Coming out from the shadows and into the blinding light.

Oh my goodness how I have experienced loss. Deep loss of both the physical nature and also of what did not happen. Both so very different. Both heart breaking.

BUT my purpose has become very clear. I am here to HEAL THE HEARTS of those who want to heal. To RECONNECT and ALIGN you to your HEARTS PURPOSE, your HEARTS VOICE. Whilst at the same time, continuing to heal my heart, staying true to my heart as I continue to listen (and heal) to her whispers of truth.

THANK YOU to everyone for being here and for giving me the space to heal. For giving me the safe space to come out of the shadows and back into the light. As I come to know and accept what makes me unique. To use my voice so I can empower you to surrender into the awakening process.



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