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Case Study - Unexplained Infertility

Case Study: Sarah - 31 Years First Appointment: 20/10/2017

Sarah came to me after a year ttc. She had not yet had any blood tests done at her doctors surgery. She had been having irregular periods since having her coil removed. She had never knowingly fallen pregnant and therefore had not had any known miscarriages.

Her overall diet was good and she already drank plenty of water plus didn't drink alcohol or caffeine. She was running her own business and therefore had the stress that came with it. She was, however,not aware of feeling 'stressful' but did having problems with insomnia. She also had very tight shoulders and neck as this is where she tended to 'hold' her stress.

We decided on a programme of weekly treatments, at least for the first couple of months. Our focus was getting her cycle more regular. I also wanted to encourage her to become more aware of feeling stressful and to incorporate breathing techniques that I had taught her. We worked together on looking at instances where she may have felt stressed and ways that she could re-frame her thoughts & feelings.

2 months later she was pregnant.

The therapies techniques that I used whilst working with Sarah was Reflexology, Reiki, Breathing & coaching.

I can't recommend Caroline enough! I thought about reflexology after more than a year of trying to conceive. I started it with an open mind but didn’t really expect anything to change. Less than 2 months after seeing Caroline once a week for treatment I found out I was pregnant! Not only had I fallen pregnant so quickly but I also felt more relaxed and mentally ready to carry and deliver my baby. Sarah, February 2018


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