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A letter to my Manifestor

I see you my Manifestors and I am listening to what you have to say.

I may not always agree with you and that is OK. Your energy is fire and boy are you electric. The fire starter, the magnificent game changer.

Tell me your thoughts, tell me your ideas. I will listen and come along on your life changing ride, if it is right for me. I know you know that it is not a reflection on you, if I choose to not come along.

I love your quick spontaneous energy, it is so dynamic to watch. I am here to give you peace and space to rest so you can fill your energy back up. As you allow your ideas to find the right timing; I know you know when that will be and I shall wait until you are ready to let me know your plans. Thank you for working with your energy and listening when the timing is right. Thank you for resting so you can be your dynamic self.

Manifestors, I see you, I hear you, I hold you as you heal your scars. Know that you are inspirational and a true leader in what you do. You do not need to please me or make me feel comfortable when you are around. We will share our space at the right time for us both.

Manifestors, I see you, I hear you and I thank you for showing me the way. Communicating with me as I too make you feel at peace as I communicate with you.

Thank you for being so perfectly you.


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