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Sacral Booklet

Sacral Booklet


A 10 Page PDF booklet that takes your through what it is to be a Sacral type. This would be a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.


I am a Sacral type - a Manifesting Generator. I feel passionate about us all embracing who we are.


In this booklet we look at areas:

  • Why Human Design
  • Generator Type
  • Manifesting Generator Type
  • Strategy
  • Authority


When we live in alignment with our true nature we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for Who We Are instead of chasing who we are not this is when we are able to live out our real purpose in the world.


Human design is an experiment - it's not a label! For you to move forward in through life, experiment with your Strategy & Authority. Observe the way that you dance through this world without judgment.


Tapping into those extraordinary gifts of yours, knowing that only you have your gifts, only you hold that wisdom within you. Human Design will give you the keys but it's really up to you to use the tools that it provides you. Really enjoy and discover that magic within yourself, allowing yourself to flow through life, dance through life, feel that drum beat and see yourself as the most extraordinary person that you are.


**You will be asked to download this PDF at checkout. Please note that once this product has been pruchased, I will be unable to offer any form of refund. Please email me if you have any problems.

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