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Meditation with Mother Mary & Lord Kutumi

Meditation with Mother Mary & Lord Kutumi


Heart Harmony & Divine Guidance: A Reiki Healing and Meditation Journey with Mother Mary, and Lord Kuthumi


Embark on a profound journey of healing and divine guidance with this transformative meditation. "Heart Harmony & Divine Guidance" invites you to a tranquil space where Reiki energies, Mother Mary, and Lord Kuthumi converge to nurture your heart, mind, and spirit.


This beautifully crafted meditation will lead you through serene landscapes, sacred caves, and encounters with Divine energies, offering profound healing and insights.


As you walk alongside Mother Mary and Lord Kuthumi, you'll experience the embrace of unconditional love, receive divine guidance, and unlock the wisdom within your heart. Download this recorded session to revisit the peaceful energies whenever you need, allowing the healing vibrations to accompany you on your journey toward balance, harmony, and joy.

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