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The shadow within...

From the perspective of working with the subtle energies of the full moon.

Each Full Moon brings us the opportunity to do shadow work. Our shadow side is the place we store emotions we were unable to understand or process We often begin to form our shadow side in childhood from our inability to express our true nature authentically. We push feelings aside to fit in at school or home, and our unaddressed emotions become our shadow. Our shadow is full of feelings that we don’t want to experience or deal with because these emotions are painful or cause us to feel shame.

Our shadow then becomes buried in our subconscious separated from our conscious mind. As much as we’d like to pretend our shadow doesn’t exist, it is always with us, quietly working behind the scenes to sabotage or block us from our highest potential until we do the work to evolve it. Our shadow side is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. It is part of the human experience. Through compassion and love, we can learn to embrace our shadows and bring them into the light. We can accept and process them, giving them the attention they needed years ago. The Full Moon is a time to make the unconscious conscious and understand the many layers that form our identity. Our shadows can be feelings of lack, unworthiness, or pain. They are the part of us that is easily triggered, even

when we don’t know why. They cause us to feel insecure, lash out, or judge others even when our conscious mind tries to direct us differently. Our shadows also form places of resistance. It is the part of us that attaches to limitations because they feel comforting.

If you feel yourself resisting your intentions or reacting to something in a negative way, it may be your shadow coming out to teach you something about yourself. Under the light of the Full Moon, we have two astrological signs to work with in our energy- the Moon and Sun sign. Each astrological energy shows us a spectrum of frequencies. On this spectrum are high and low vibrations. On a Full Moon, we can understand the shadow side of each sign involved. This revelation helps us understand our own shadows. Under the Moon’s guidance, we can do the work to understand our unconscious patterns and shift them. We can compassionately hold space to look deep within and see our blocks, our resistance, and our wounds. Shadow work is about healing. When we can fully see and accept our shadows, we can heal the wounds that caused them. We can give ourselves what we need emotionally and energetically to integrate all aspects of ourself.

By working with the Moon’s blueprint, we can unravel our shadows piece by piece, Moon by Moon. It becomes less overwhelming when we work this way, as we deal with a few energies at a time, giving ourselves space to process and integrate our findings. On the Virgo Full Moon, we have the opportunity to uncover shadows around perfectionism, feeling good enough, and self-worth. We also can work with patterns around healing and accepting ourselves as-is. There are undoubtedly other shadows to work with, but those can be dealt with on another Full Moon when the energy supports it. Using the Moon as our guide, we only need to confront a small portion of the many energies held in our subconscious. As we make our way through all twelve zodiac signs and their Moons, we open the door to new patterns, eventually confronting them all in time.

Confronting our shadows can feel challenging and emotionally intense. It can stir up fear

and even resistance. Hard work, though, is often required for growth. Our shadows are

where we need to send compassion, love, and forgiveness to shift into a higher vibration.

Shadow work is the key to manifesting the life of your dreams.


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