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Embracing Love within and Beyond

The Energy Shift of Aries and Libra in the Nodes

Love of others

Astrology has long been regarded as a tool for understanding the energies that influence our lives. The current alignment of Aries and Libra in the Nodes marks a significant energy shift, one that prompts us to reflect on the true determinants of a fulfilling life. As we delve into the celestial realms of Aries and Libra, we uncover the profound wisdom that the quality of our lives is not solely based on self-love but on how we learn to love ourselves through loving and being loved by others. This cosmic dance brings forth a transformative energy, urging us to embrace love within and extend it outwardly.

Aries and Libra in the Nodes

The lunar Nodes are points where the moon's orbit intersects with the ecliptic—the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. In astrology, they hold significant meaning, representing karmic lessons and evolutionary growth. The North Node signifies our soul's purpose, while the South Node represents past experiences and patterns to release.

With Aries in the North Node and Libra in the South Node, the universe encourages us to embrace Aries' qualities and move away from some of the characteristics of Libra that may hold us back. Aries symbolises courage, independence, and taking initiative, while Libra embodies balance, harmony, and cooperation. This dynamic asks us to find equilibrium between asserting our needs (Aries) and considering the needs of others (Libra).

The Misconception of Self-Love

In today's self-help culture, we often hear about the importance of self-love. While cultivating a healthy sense of self-worth is crucial, we must recognize that loving ourselves does not exist in isolation. The notion that "self-love fixes everything" might inadvertently lead to self-centeredness or an inability to connect authentically with others.

The True Quality of Life

The energy shift brought by Aries and Libra in the Nodes reminds us that the quality of life is intrinsically linked to how we learn to love ourselves in relation to others. It's not about loving ourselves more than others or vice versa, but rather understanding that love is a reciprocal and interconnected force.

Learning to Love Ourselves Through Others

In our journey towards self-discovery and personal growth, we often find that love plays a significant role. Through our relationships with friends, family, partners, and even acquaintances, we learn more about ourselves. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open to love from others, we can identify areas of self-improvement and self-acceptance.

Loving Others as a Path to Self-Realization

The energy of Libra in the South Node teaches us to foster harmonious connections with others. By genuinely caring for those around us, we develop empathy, compassion, and a sense of interdependence. In this process, we cultivate a deeper understanding of our own emotions and vulnerabilities, leading to a more profound connection with our true selves.

The Dance of Aries in the North Node

Aries, residing in the North Node, urges us to take courageous steps towards self-assertion and independence. It encourages us to listen to our inner voice and pursue our passions fearlessly. However, this Aries energy does not advocate for selfishness or disregard for others. Instead, it calls for self-leadership and the courage to stand up for what we believe in while respecting the views and needs of those around us.

The celestial dance of Aries and Libra in the Nodes has gifted us with an energy shift that prompts us to reevaluate the true determinants of a fulfilling life. It emphasizes the importance of learning to love ourselves not in isolation but through the loving connections we foster with others. This cosmic alignment invites us to embrace both the assertive and harmonious aspects of our being, allowing us to grow and evolve in unison with the world around us. As we continue to navigate the intricacies of life, let us remember that love is a force that binds us all together, enriching our existence and empowering us to embrace our authentic selves.


LOve of self

Caroline Dearlove


"I am the witness to your soul. I listen with grace by my side. I inspire you to be curious with how you learn the wisdom that this world has to offer you. Birthing your vision from a place of joy & desire. Holding you, so you feel safe to drop into your soul and allow it to lead you.

There is nothing more powerful than releasing who we are not, grounding into the earths magic and opening our hearts.

I am a teacher, a healer & a business doula - the tools that I use are Intuitive Energy Healing, Human Design, Bodywork & Meditation."


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