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Case Study - PR & Marketing Manager

1.) What was your main reason(s) for wanting to come to see me

I was really struggling to prioritise and take the time to look after myself. Life frequently felt like too much and even during supposed "rest time" I could never fully switch off.

2.) Have you experienced any positive changes throughout the time you have been coming to see me?

I am so much more connected to how I'm feeling in body, not just in my mind. From a practical point of view this means that I am aware of when I need to slow down (so much earlier than I used to be) which means that it doesn't take getting to crisis point before I prioritise taking some time to relax and just be. This ultimately means taking time for myself becomes a short, regular thing that fits more easily into my daily life.

3.) If you were to write a short review on your experience - what would you write?

I can't imagine not having my monthly visit to Caroline in the diary. It is as routine and important as brushing my teeth. I genuinely feel happier, healthier and much more able to cope with the more stressful parts of life. I also really look forward to my sessions with Caroline as they are so enjoyable and I feel simply amazing afterwards. I would recommend this to everyone as an essential part of your daily life.


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