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A Letter to my Projector

My eagle eyed Projectors...well hello there, here is your invitation to come on in and share your thoughts and ideas on being a Projector.

I see you and your gift that is ignited as I invite you to share it with me. I love how you are absorbed in your gift until you are recognised; when you then become lit up. It is a magnificent spectacle to see. I sometimes wish that you see your own magnificence, like I see you. You are a true wonder and you hold a precious gift within you. Play with your magnificence. Surrendering to the silent magic of your own magnetic chemistry, to attract the opportunities, the invitations to you.

I love how when you are waiting quietly and you receive the recognition and invitation for what it is. As your genius is empowered your energy flows through you in abundance. I enjoy watching you be selective as to which invitation you accept. You know that by following your authority will guide into the correct energetic exchange.

Your energy is magical, magnificent - nurture it, protect it. Creating your own box of tricks to help create a space that is wholesome for you. Listening to when you need to rest, even though society may not understand. Show us that resting is important regardless of what time of day that may be.

You see me like no other sees me. You understand what I am doing better than I understand myself. Thank you for being you. Thank you for guiding me, for showing me the way.


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