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Are you wanting to create a deeper connection to who you are? Are you fed up with being stuck in the loop of going over the same stories & patterns that are holding you back? 

Do you want to step into your joy?

This membership is a devoted space of rebirthing a deeper connection to who you are. Rebirth is a sacred space where we embark on a profound journey of growth, transformation, and self-discovery.

Weaving Human Design, Cyclical nature of being, Community, Reflection, Inner Peace, Creativity.... & space to be.

Time to step into nature's natural cycles and listen to her whispers.

Time to master non attachment as you find new perspectives.

Time to become more self-aware so you can hear the wisdom that comes from within & live more intuitively.

Time to step back from the business of day-to-day life and focus on your inner realm.

Surrendering into a space where you feel safe to let go.  
Healing your heart & voice as you connect to the truth of your soul.
Reclaiming your fire - awakening your desire & passion. Stepping into your truth so you shine for all to see.
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We will create a space for stillness, healing and deep nourishment through receiving deep healing sessions, connection & remembering. This is all about the connection we feel within a community.
Coming together to listen, to hold, to share. A space where we will be weaving the seen and the unseen.
Meditation is the doorway to inner stillness and profound transformation. In Rebirth, we will explore various meditation practices to quiet the mind, nurture mindfulness, and connect with the divine essence within.

Through regular meditation, you will discover a sense of peace, clarity, and heightened intuition, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. Each session is an invitation to step into your own power and embrace the beauty of your soul's journey.
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Reflection space.png
Journalling is a sacred practice that invites you to dive into the depths of your being, expressing your thoughts, emotions, and dreams on paper.

Within the safe sanctuary of Rebirth, I will encourage you to pour your heart onto the pages, unravelling your innermost desires and fears, ultimately leading to self-discovery and healing.
We will be curious and inspired by our connection to the universe. Drawing wisdom from the magical cycles that surround us. Just as nature moves through her cyclical wheel, we too experience cycles of growth, introspection, and renewal.

Through each cycle, we will learn to embrace the teachings of the moon, the seasons as we align with ourselves and with our natural rhythm.
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Divine space.png
In this mystical realm, we also embrace the magic of the spiritual realm. Connecting with our higher selves, spirit guides, and guardian angels opens up a realm of endless wisdom, love, and guidance.

Through spiritual exploration & curiosity, we will tap into the unseen forces that support and uplift us on our journey.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about helping others find their true purpose, embrace harmony, and awaken their inner strength.

Throughout our time together, I will be your companion as we explore the depths of your being, tapping into the wellsprings of wisdom that lie within.

What is included
  • Seasonal Workbooks: Receive quarterly workbooks filled with seasonal insights, lunar wisdom and thought provoking journaling prompts.
  • Lunar Meditations: Each month we connect with the energy of the New and Full Moons as I take you on a meditation and healing journey ~ Providing intentional living, anchoring and alignment.
  • Monthly Workshops: Each month you will be invited to gather for an inspiring workshop on Human Design.
  • Private Facebook Group: Stay connected between sessions. Our private Facebook group is your safe space for check-ins, sharing, and ongoing support from a like-minded community.
  • Menstrual, Perimenopause and Menopause support: Stepping out of chaos and into the seasons of your inner and outer cycles.​
  • Journaling questions: aligned to expansion & creating a space for curiosity.
  • Growing Meditation Portfolio: Access a private meditation library, regularly updated with new meditations designed to help you find your inner calm and guide your journey.
  • Seasonal Quarterly In-Person Circles: An invitation to immerse yourself in the energy of the seasons during our quarterly in-person gatherings. Experience the power of community, collaboration, and partnership in a nurturing environment.[This is at an extra cost discounted for members]
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I am fully aware that not everything is for everyone. If you sign up and after a few months feel that this community is not for you, you can cancel at anytime. All I ask is that you provide me with at least 30 days notice in writing before renewal.


Refunds: Note that I not be able to refund you for anytime that has already been used.

My purpose is to inspire and uplift you, to create a space where you can connect with your innermost self and uncover the potential that lies dormant within you. I truly believe that each of us possesses a unique gift, a purpose that awaits us, and my mission is to guide you towards that realisation.

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