Rock Maze

Women’s health & wellness, for me, is about empowering women so that they can celebrate and welcome every cycle & life stage. Women’s life stages are often marked by specific signs and symptoms, such as menstrual cramps, mood swings, hot flushes and weight gain.


The way we all live our lives has changed dramatically over the last century. Alongside work you could also be playing mum, running a home, juggling balls & generally making sure that everyone that you care for is happy & healthy. Your life has probably never been so busy and stressful.

Hormones are essential for health but can also affect your mind and emotions. You can find yourself in a vicious circle; stress can lead to abnormal levels of hormones and changes in these hormones can leave you feeling more stressed. What we know is that our hormones have a great impact on our emotional & also our physical health.

I have created a safe space so that you can feel nurtured and relaxed. This will in turn give your body the opportunity recharge & heal.

The body can and must be healed through the mind, and the mind must be and can be healed through the body

Dr Candice Pert


I am passionate about supporting you at any stage of trying to conceive. Whether you have only just come off of contraception, decided to have IVF, you have recently been through the trauma of a miscarriage and are needing some much needed support or you have exhausted all avenues and you are feeling broken.


Peri-Menopause creeps up on us when we are least expecting. We are not always aware of the subtle changes to begin, all we know is that we are feeling like we are riding a rollercoaster. I am here to support you so that you can feel in control and empowered about transitioning into this beautiful life stage.


As a trained Doula and Maternity reflexologist, I know how exciting yet overwhelming being pregnant can be. Each week can bring a physical and emotional change. I believe that it is important to feel empowered and relaxed throughout your pregnancy

It can make us feel a little discombobulated as we navigate a whole new way of living, our hormones taking on a new rhythm. Hot flushes, sweats, broken sleep, short temper...I am here to support the changes in hormones and all that it brings.

I can't imagine not having my monthly visit to Caroline in the diary. It is as routine and important as brushing my teeth. I genuinely feel happier, healthier and much more able to cope with the more stressful parts of life. I also really look forward to my sessions with Caroline as they are so enjoyable and I feel simply amazing afterwards. I would recommend this to everyone as an essential part of your daily life.