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11.11 Portal Healing Journey & Meditation

11.11 Portal Healing Journey & Meditation


Embark on a transformative journey with this exclusive 11/11 meditation, designed to guide you in accepting your crown of sovereignty and unlocking the cosmic codes essential for harmonising your body.


Representing balance and equilibrium in the universe, this 11/11 Portal of 2023 is encompassing authenticity, integrity, and the harmonious interplay of your inner masculine and feminine energies.


This regal portal invites you to reclaim your sovereignty, fostering a sense of being enough and embracing your divine masculine essence. As the cosmic codes flow through on the 11th, healing and balancing the masculine and feminine, this meditation encourages you to step into your inner royalty, symbolised by your crown. By accepting your path and internal sovereignty, you acknowledge both your imperfections and inherent perfection, fostering a profound connection with your higher self and spirit guides.


This 11/11 portal marks a revival of the circle, an ancient symbol of communal unity and healing. Join me in clearing the wounds of the past, reclaiming sisterhood and brotherhood, and embracing the transformative energy needed to balance and harmonize your body.


In this meditation, you will connect with your guides to receive your crown and receive the cosmic codes – a golden stream representing sovereignty and an aquamarine stream embodying feminine energy.


This is both a meditation and a healing journey that I shared with my sisters who gathered with me in circle on 10th November 2023. After I led them through this journey I knew that I needed to record it and share it with anyone else who is hearing the call to gather, heal & balance.


    My whole being was vibrating after this mediation… thank you Caroline. Lea

    Powerfully healing and relaxing - went into a really deep meditation. Will revisit this regularly as I recover from an injury and currently infection. Thank you 💜🙏 Emily

    Caroline has a beautiful calming voice which guided me into a state of deep relaxation. Kath

    Beautiful! 🩷Hannah

    Thank you...I felt so much more peaceful afterwards. Peta

    Thank you one of best meditations Backu

    Such a beautiful meditation. It was as if it spoke directly to me...Kate

    Love this. Caroline is amazing. As above is below. Love & light to anyone reading. Maria

    Thank you, I love this meditation. Peta



    Due to the nature of digital products being immediately accessible upon purchasing, no refunds of any fees or other amounts paid by Purchaser in connection with the Product will be allowed under any circumstances.

    The Copyright remains that of 'Caroline Dearlove' the creator of this digital product.

    This meditation is for the use of the purchaser. Please make sure that you listen to this meditation whilst in a situation and space that allows for you to close your eyes and potentially drift off into a meditative space.

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