New Moon - 13th January 2021

The New Moon occurs every 29 days and is known as a time of darkness in the lunar cycle. Darkness can be viewed in many ways. We often associate it with negativity or sadness. It is inherently neither. We just culturally associate these attributes to it. A better description would be to associate darkness with an inward pull of energy. Darkness is what we see when our eyes are closed in meditation or before sleeping. It denotes a time when the light is shut out from our consciousness, and therefore, so are other energies.

When we are in darkness, we are with ourselves and our unique energy. It becomes a personal time to travel inward and seek answers rather than to look for answers in the external world. Before the advent of electricity and portable light, the Moon played a major role in humans’ activity at night. When it was waxing to Full or waning from Full, people could go out at night and still have sight. As the Moon approached the New Moon or had just started waxing, sight was limited, and people choose to stay inside at night or near their camp where there was fire for light.

The natural cycle of the Moon lends to a natural cycle of behavior, with the New Moon providing a time to stay with oneself, contemplate questions and formulate new ways of thinking while alone. The bright side of the cycle is when one could share these ideas with others. Although today we have the convenience of modern electricity, the New Moon and Dark Moon (a day before the New Moon) still energetically provide us with a period of contemplative darkness.

We can travel further inward to depths of our subconscious mind during this time and allow answers and ideas to float to the surface. Once they come to the surface, we can shed light on them and bring them to fruition, whatever that might look like for our lives. The information gathered in the darkness of the New Moon is that of the mind. It is from this place we initiate new ideas. During the New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in the same zodiac sign. This conjunction provides a spark of energy that pushes us to create intentions and changes in our lives. It is a time to take stock in our lives, think about what is working and what is not. Shed the things that are not aligned with our grand vision and take steps towards the things that are in alignment.

The New Moon and the Sun are positioned within the same zodiac sign in the sky. The Zodiac constellation flavors, or themes, the energy of the New Moon. No matter what sign we may be, the sign’s qualities come through the cosmos and affect our daily lives. The New Moon connects our consciousness to these energies so we may work with them. The qualities of the astrological sign of the New Moon become highlighted in our own energy, and we can use them to inform our intentions.

Each New Moon brings us gifts and insights about pieces of our subconscious that pave the way for us manifesting our highest visions. As we work with each New Moon, we access different parts of ourselves and gain a deeper knowledge of our whole being. In understanding ourselves, we can clear out limiting blocks while attending to our truest desires. We gain the opportunity to create a life aligned with our soul.

To go more in-depth on the effects of a New Moon for you, turn to your natal chart. Our natal (or birth) chart is a picture of the sky when we were born. It is comprised of twelve pieces or houses, each with a governing astrological sign. The houses hold our planets and show us areas of our lives. To find out which area of your life will be most affected by this New Moon, find the house governed by Capricorn for you. It is in this area you will feel this New Moon most intensely.

You can also use this knowledge to direct your focus and intention for the next Lunar Cycle. To the left is a chart with a summary of where to focus, depending on which house is ruled by Capricorn for you.


The Capricorn New Moon is the first New Moon of 2021 and brings with it a certain gravitas. We are at the beginning of yet another year, full of potential, possibility, and unknown adventures. With 2020 fading into the distance, we have a chance to declare our intentions to ourselves and the Universe. Capricorn reminds us that anything is possible as long as we are willing to do the work needed to get ourselves there.

This Moon is the time to define our lifestyle, our practices, and the habits that will build slowly over the next year to become the life we desire. This New Moon is all about the small steps that add up to the bigger dreams. The first place to start crafting your intentions is with your morning ritual. Over this New Moon, take the time to define the start of your day. Within these early hours, we set the stage for life to unfold and lay the foundation for our dreams to flourish. Even if you don’t know what you want this New Moon, or this year, set aside the space to find out.

Decide what time you want to wake each day, what your first moments will look like, and what practices will guide your energy. What we do in the morning sets our vibration for the day and tells the Universe what we are ready to receive. It is a powerful time and one that we often miss. As you work with the Capricorn New Moon, practice a ritual that will extend to your early hours, before the sun scatters the energy of the day and when you can find peace within the stillness around you. As you begin to establish routines and rituals for the start of the year with the help of this New Moon, also decide what is worth your focus. What projects, people, or aspirations do you want to feed with your energy?

Capricorn reminds us that we live in a world contained by time. We can bend time, but we cannot break it. We must decide how to spend our time and use it to manifest our intentions with focus, determination, and clarity. Capricorn teaches us definition. Part of this definition is deciding how each day, week, and month will look and how to spend your precious time. This New Moon invites us to look at our life through the notion of energy exchange. Like time, our energy is also limited. We only have so much of this resource, and it can be drained from us very easily. It’s ultimately up to you how you spend both your time and energy.

It’s also up to you to decide if what you are sending your frequency towards brings energy back to you. Throughout this New Moon, decide where your energy drains or leaks exist. Where are you sending your energy and receiving nothing in return? Conversely, where are you sending energy and getting filled to the brim with new ideas, inspiration, and gratitude? Think of energy as your currency. You can spend it, invest it, or save it. There will be times you want to spend it because you have enough. There will be times when you want to save it because you don’t feel abundant in it.

Then there will be times you want to invest it, meaning you give it towards something and may even feel depleted for a time, but eventually, you will gain back more energy than you originally sent out. Capricorn wants to know how you are investing your energy and what you want returned over the course of this year. Align with this New Moon to decide the overall vibration you wish to manifest in your life.

What are you open to receiving?

What energies do you want returned for your time and focus?

And what vibrations support your growth?

This New Moon is a time to see your future unfold and see the steps, no matter how small, needed to manifest the life you want to live. It’s a time to become crystal clear and let the Universe know you are ready to step into the future.