January 2021 - Meditation

January sits in Capricorn season. Capricorn reminds us that we are always connected to Mother Earth. We are at every given moment, held by the vibration of the earth and can align with these vibrations and support.

These meditations and the meditations that we will be practicing throughout January, will help us to align and connect. They have been created so that we can plug our energetic roots back into the earth to feel supported, nourished, and energetically connected. The earth also provides a space for you to shed unwanted energies.

Use these grounding meditations at anytime and especially when your head is busy and you are feeling scattered. Nourish your connection with the earth and nourish the connection with yourself.

Listen to Pre-Recorded Meditations

Grounding Meditation

Tuning In Meditation

Nourishing Root Chakra Meditation

Meditation Classes this month

Each week you have the option to attend as many live classes as you want to. I would recommend that you stick to at least one live class a week PLUS bringing in a meditation practice twice a day. Once in the morning/lunchtime and once in the evening. Does not need to be long - 5 minutes. Please do remember to be kind to yourself, especially if you have a very full diary and are feeling the feels of stress, anxiety etc. Yes meditation will help you, but start of slow building up your practice. Commit to at least once a day for a few minutes (see tuning in meditation on the Hub) and then when you are comfortable with that, build onto it.

Or if you are feeling completely overwhelmed - book yourself in for a FREE DISCOVERY CALL

Classes are as follows:

Mondays - 9am & 8:30pm

Wednesdays - 8:30pm

Fridays - 9am

** PLUS - Monthly Speciality Classes dates

4th Jan - Members Circle & Meditation

6th Jan - Reiki Healing & Meditation

13th Jan - New Moon Meditation

27th Jan - Full Moon Meditation