March 2021 - FULL MOON


Sunday, 28th March 19:48 GMT


  1. Are there any relationships in your life you need to release? What have they taught you? What karma may have been worked out? And how can you have gratitude for them but still move on?

  2. What does a healthy relationship look and feel like to you?

  3. What are things you need to accept about yourself to form higher vibrational relationships in your life? Are there areas that need healing? Or shadows that need light? Or pain that needs acceptance?

  4. What are some signs that you are emotionally triggered? What have you found to help calm you so you can respond rather than react from old patterns?

  5. What helps ground you in the present moment when in communication with another? How can you keep your past out of the present and respond only to what is being discussed?

  6. Libra is showing us that opposites can exist simultaneously. How can you accept and embrace differences in other people, knowing that there will be times when you are all right? Can you see their perspective without changing your own?

  7. What helps you admit what you want in a relationship? What are your priorities with bringing someone else into your life?

  8. What helps you set and uphold your boundaries? Are boundaries easy or challenging for you? Make a list of those things that are non negotiable even if it feels uncomfortable to say them?

  9. Are you comfortable asking for support when you need it? Are you comfortable receiving it when given? Conversely, do you easily provide support when needed? Remember, support doesn’t just include when times are tough. Supporting each other’s happiness is also pivotal.

  10. Do you express clearly how you are feeling? What have you found to help you to understand your feelings more deeply? What have you found you help you communicate them?


Libra brings the element of air to this Full Moon. The Air signs connect us and remind us we live in a world full of other people. We are one week in Aries Season, which inspires us to focus on ourselves and our journey. The Libra Full Moon encourages us to feel where others fit into our journey and how we can form partnerships that support and nourish the life path of everyone involved. This Moon is a time to create balance and harmony in our relationships, including the one with yourself. It’s a time to resolve conflicts and clearly view how past pain or trauma may be affecting today’s interactions.

This Libra Full Moon encourages love, compassion, and non-judgment, as we repair burnt bridges and forge new relationships that align with who we are becoming. Ruled by Venus, Libra is the sign of the scales. This energy represents peace, balance, and justice. Venus is the planet of love and beauty that teaches us how to align with the highest vibration. Libra, at its core, wants us to connect from a vibration of love to others. This energy governs our most intimate relationships and shows us how to compromise, how to create balance in our love affairs, and how to stand firm in our boundaries when needed. Libra begins this challenge of creating harmony by first providing us tools that cultivate peace within ourselves. This Full Moon is a time to become aware of the subtle signs that occur before you are triggered emotionally.

What causes you to feel anger? What causes you to feel guilt, or shame, or any other emotions of the lower vibrations? More importantly to Libra, what clues do your body, mind, and energy give you before you feel an emotion? If we can learn the subtle shifts that occur before we lose our balance, we gain the power to maintain it by using our tools.

On this Full Moon, notice when intense emotions are about to arise. Notice what happens to your energy before you are triggered. Life is unpredictable. There will always be situations that ruffle your feathers or even bring up past pain. When we become triggered, parts of ourselves that we don’t understand come to the surface and act out to gain attention. These can be unconscious thoughts and emotions that need healing. If we can notice our triggers before they affect us, then we have a greater opportunity to heal them. If, for instance, your partner says something that triggers an unhealed memory from the past, how do you react? When we act unconsciously, we may blame others, placing our past pain on them.

Alternatively, we can dig into our tool kit to calm our emotional body before acting on our triggers. We can then heal, release, and create new patterns of response moving forward. Feel Libra’s energy this Full Moon guiding you in releasing unconscious patterns and replacing them with conscious efforts to calm your energy.

Libra takes its lessons further this Full Moon by asking us to look at and evaluate each of our relationships. Which ones limit you? Which ones liberate you? This Full Moon is a time to define your relational space. It’s a time to decide if relationships are co-dependent and full of drama or if they are balanced. In intimate partnerships, we will act out old patterns and control dramas until we do the work to free ourselves from them. We will attract people into our life who create similar experiences to our past in an effort to heal them. Sometimes, with the right partner, we do heal. Other times, we end up constantly triggered and re-inflicting the same pain on ourselves from the past. We tend to cycle through similar people in our lives until we finally understand our patterns and break free of them. We heal, and our relationships change, we attract different people, and we show up fully in our power, ready to be seen for who we are. We form healthy relationships, where both parties support and nourish each other while staying true to their life journey.

On this Full Moon, take an honest look at all of your intimate relationships. These include your romantic partners but will also include your close friends, family and even some business partners who are deeply connected to you. See how you are showing up in the relationship and how they are showing up. Are there any control dramas apparent? These appear when one person is trying to gain energy from the other in the form of manipulation. Are you ever triggered in the relationship, and how do you handle it? Furthermore, how do you each support the other’s journey? Do you feel nourished and listened to, or do you feel misunderstood? On this Full Moon, do the work to explore your shadows and triggers. Find balance within yourself and bring attention to your most important relationships from this place of balance.

We are just walking each other home - Ram Dass