January 2021 - New Moon Journal prompts

The new moon in January 2021 is at 05:00am on 13th January 2021.

These questions are designed to help you become clear on your intentions.

  • Listen to the Tuning in meditation.

  • Sit with each question for a moment and allow the answer to naturally arise, being open to the person you are becoming.

  • As you write, know you are opening the door to your intuition and giving permission to your highest visions to come out and be seen.

1. How can you create space in your life to hear your soul?

2. What daily routine can you commit to that helps to ground you, bring focus and manifest intentions?

3. What are some boundaries you can create around your distractions, so you can stay focussed?

4. What reminder can you tell yourself when things seem challenging. A reminder that will help you continue your journey and remind you of your inherent strength?