January 2021 - Rituals


Crystals come from the earth - this month especially I will be incorporating the use of crystals as I meditate, journal, go for a walk.... It is OK if you don't have any of the ones below that I have highlighted. Use any that you are drawn to. Remember, it is all about what feels right for you - in everything that I write.

Here are some of the ones that I will be working with in January:-

:: Malachite - Malachite is a stone of transformation. It helps to create an energetic barrier around the wearer during times of dynamic shifting.

:: Smokey Quartz - Smokey Quartz is a wonderful grounding & protective stone.

:: Fluorite - Fluorite is a wonderful stone to help you focus. It increases your

ability to concentrate on a task and assists in new learning.


Before I start any of my practices, I like to start from a clean energetic space! Before I do anything I will spring clean my house. Shift furniture and any other items around. When I do this I really feel the shift of stagnant energy that has been hiding. Giving everything a good clean and where possible letting go of items.

If possible I will open windows to allow the fresh air in - being winter, I tend to do this when I am going out for a walk.


Before I begin looking at my goals and intentions for the year to come, I like to give thanks for all that has been. Whilst it has been a challenging year, you will still be able to find the goodness. Get your diary and start from the beginning; writing down everything that made you smile. From a walk with a friend, a simple night in, the pleasure of seeing a family member to growing a new veg in your garden! (these are all examples of mine). I want you to come away with at least 12. One for each month.

Then extending this practice - Each day picking 3 things that you are appreciative of. Really creating that focus on what you have and the abundance of each day. NOT giving anymore energy to what you don't have.


With the focus on grounding & connection. Go for a walk BUT I would like you to do it on your own without listening to any music, podcasts etc. Ideally go out without your phone and any other distractions.

Begin by focussing on your breath. Your breath is your anchor. For some of you this walk may be really challenging. Depending on what is on my mind some days it is super easy and others darn right tricky!! Whilst you have connected to your breath, using your 5 senses connect to the environment you are walking in.

If you normally walk a 7/10 speed, I want you to take it down a couple of notches to a 5/10 speed - slowing down your walking speed.

Really connecting to everything around you. Your feet on the ground, clouds in the sky, birds singing, temperature on your face, sun in your eyes, colour of berries, smell of a bonfire...