January 2021 - Leo Full Moon

Leo is the sign of the regal lion, full of courage, pride, and heart. The energy of Leo reminds us to accept and love ourselves at our deepest layers. It also reminds us to celebrate who we are and show the most authentic version of ourselves to the world. Leo asks us to create our life from our heart and share it with others- even when we feel vulnerable. Being ourselves takes courage and can be challenging. The lion teaches us that just when we feel too exposed, that’s the moment we are finally sharing our real Self. The Leo Full Moon is a time to feel into who you really are and who you’ve always been. It’s a time to get to know yourself at your heart- the center of your being. It’s also a time to accept everything about yourself- even the parts you don’t like or wish you could change. The Leo Full Moon then takes you on a journey of releasing anything the blocks you from being your true Self, including any fear of rejection, need for approval, or desire for perfection. The Leo Full Moon is a time to know yourself, accept yourself, be yourself, and always love yourself.

The work of this Full Moon begins with self-acceptance. It can be easy to embrace the parts of ourselves we like but challenging to appreciate the parts we don’t like. It’s important to accept every aspect of ourselves, or our energy feels rejected and unable to extend into the world fully. When we reject parts of ourselves by avoiding them, wishing them away, or speaking negatively about them, our energy shrinks, and our potential diminishes. We become our biggest block by not welcoming and loving ourselves completely. As you make your way through this Full Moon, feel into parts of yourself you accept and parts you avoid or reject. While it’s ok to want to shift aspects of yourself, you still want to completely love and accept them. Acceptance is the first step to change. If you want to shift anything about yourself, you must first embrace it.

Loving ourselves also helps our relationship with other people. We can not expect others to accept us if we do not accept ourselves. Also, when we don’t accept ourselves completely, we become overly reliant on the approval of others. We fear rejection and can become emotionally needy. We may even lose touch with our authentic Self to please others or gain their approval. Leo teaches us that we all have a unique spirit or essence. We were born with this essence, and it is either nurtured or it is suppressed. Most of us are taught at a young age to seek the approval of others. We often associate this approval with love and may not have been taught the real meaning of unconditional love. Unconditional love, though, is what is required for us to be our true Self.

Leo is associated with the energy of play and children. It brings out our wounds around love, approval, and courage created in childhood. Align with this Full Moon to have a conversation with your inner child and ask them what they need to feel loved. Let them know they are accepted and loved for simply being themselves. Reflect on how you were taught to love and be loved. Also, notice if your inner child associates love with approval from others. Do you feel you need to do something to earn love? Do you feel you deserve love simply for being yourself? Take some time to heal your inner child and give them love. Whether you received unconditional love or not as a child, you can give it to yourself now. It begins by loving yourself for being you. You do not need to do anything, accomplish anything, or create anything to be loved. You deserve unconditional love for merely existing. Feel into this energy of love today. Write yourself a love letter and remind yourself of your inherent beauty and perfection. Align with Leo to know you are worthy of love, always, and allow this love to bring out your true essence.

As we learn to accept and love ourselves unconditionally, we break the ties of our Ego and step into our higher Self. It is often our Ego, or our perceived image, that blocks the manifestation of our intentions. Our true Self, or essence, knows what our soul wants. It knows the life we want to live and are destined to live. It also knows our potential and what we are capable of -despite what we may tell ourselves. On the other hand, our Ego creates intentions that align with how we want to be perceived, not our true essence. If you find yourself creating the same intentions each month without progress, ask if they represent your Ego and all of its limitations or your true essence? Detaching from your Ego and stepping into your truth comes from unconditionally loving and accepting yourself. Feel into this journey and know that as you begin to embrace your true essence, you will effortlessly attract the energies needed for your highest visions.

When working with the vibrations of Leo, we come up against the Ego, which is Leo’s shadow. The Ego is the part of us that yearns to be defined by something. It is our identity in many ways and our conditioned patterns around who we are in this life. It is also our inner critic, our self-defeating thoughts, and the part of us that feels separated from others. The Ego can get in the way of us finding and expressing our true Self. It attaches to ideas of how we “should” behave in the world and how we “should” be received by others. Ego’s fuel is fear, and it can often lead us down dark paths of needing constant validation and approval for what we express to the world. The Ego’s role should be to motivate us, remind us of our purpose when needed, and help us function within society, but not lead our life. On this Full Moon, we have the opportunity to recognize when the Ego takes the reins, and in its effort to define our existence, ends up closing the full expression of our heart.

The counterpart to the Ego is the Self. When we align with Leo and Aquarius’s highest vibrations, we tap into our Self or our higher consciousness. This Self is the part of us connected to the entire energy of the Universe, and therefore connected to everyone and everything around us. When moving from the Self, there is no need to compare or compete with others because we are all one. Without separation, we do not feel insecurity, lack, or unworthiness. When we operate from the Self, we are always connected to our heart’s message. We do not need to distract ourselves from our feelings, for we understand the true nature of ourselves in pure love and beauty. From this place, we feel fulfilled in our lives and are confident in everything we do because we are always moving from the heart. We no longer worry about rejection or approval from others but feel confident in who we are. Staying centered within the Self takes a deep awareness of when the Ego takes over, then redirecting our energy towards higher vibrations of compassion, love, and connection. Aligning with the Self allows us to honor our true essence, the spirit we were born with, and give its message freely to the collective without needing approval.

As we work with this Full Moon’s energy, we have the opportunity to find our highest vibration and highest Self. This opportunity is the true merger of Leo, Aquarius, and their corresponding frequencies. Throughout this Full Moon, ask yourself where, or how, you might be aligned with the lower vibration of each sign. When we align with Leo’s shadow side, we become demanding, in need of approval, and insecure. We seek external validation instead of feeling our own power. We can even cause drama in our lives and the lives of others to gain the attention we need to feel secure within ourselves. This lower vibration of Leo disconnects us from our heart and, instead, aligns us with the delusions of our Ego. We latch on to our identities and forget that we are beings made of pure love, capable of deep compassion and unlimited joy. Spend some time this Full Moon thinking about where you may be aligning with these vibrations of Leo. Resist the urge to judge yourself. Judgment can drop you into an even lower vibration. Become aware of any behaviors that do not reflect your higher Self and envision a version of yourself that aligns with Leo’s higher vibrations.

While you observe places you may be aligning with Leo’s shadow side, also feel into how you may be aligning with Aquarius’s. When we embody Aquarius’s lower vibrations, we become overly critical of others and judgmental, especially those in positions of authority. Instead of helping to change what we do not like in the world, we complain and detach from others. We disconnect from the vibration of love and acceptance and, instead, become aloof. We withhold our energy while acting superior to everyone around us. Notice if there are any places in your life you may be aligning with these lower vibrations, and again without judgment, envision how you can shift them. When we step into the highest frequencies of Aquarius, we can feel the infinite connection between us and the Universe. We understand that we are just one part of a bigger collective. We want to contribute our energy to making the world a better place by connecting with the vibration of love and acceptance.

When we shift away from the lower vibrations of both Leo and Aquarius, we make space for the higher ones. We have the opportunity with this pair to vibrate to a higher level than ever before. These two energies allow us to feel our heart’s messages and honor them while honoring the collective. We learn to express ourselves from a place of love and gratitude instead of a place of judgment or neediness. We embody the true age of Aquarius, where everyone contributes their unique talents while working together for the good of everyone on the planet. Take the time this Full Moon to feel into what your heart wants to give to the world and courageously create a life that embodies its message.

There is no greater power than knowing who you are - Spirit Daughter