January 2021 - Full Moon Journal prompts

On this Full Moon, we have the opportunity to work with both the energies of Leo and Aquarius. We can clearly see where we may be aligning with lower frequencies of either sign and shift those energies. We can then integrate their higher frequencies to open our hearts, find our compassion, and honor our truth. This Full Moon is an opportunity to love ourselves on the deepest level possible and accept our full Self without judgment. We can transcend the limitations of our Ego mind and fully step into our true Self.

The journey of this Full Moon asks you to accept yourself fully. It is a time to see all of your shadows, your wounds, and your shame. It’s a time to love yourself unconditionally. It’s also an opportunity to see how your Ego may be limiting you. Through releasing attachments of the Ego, we free our true Self to be seen by both ourselves and the world. Looking at these attachments is challenging, though. We often hold tight to our preconceived notions of ourselves. The only way to honestly know ourselves, though, is to look passed our Ego. We need to see beyond the images we have created about who we are and see our truth. This Full Moon is a time to look beyond the labels, identify structures you have developed, then see your real Self. It’s a time to shed anything that you have used to make yourself happy and instead feel into where your true happiness originates.

Once we begin to know our most authentic selves, we need to learn how to be that Self in the world. We often feel that if we show our true colors, the world will reject us. We often hide our real selves, not trusting the people around us to approve of our truth. While we may trust a few people with our whole selves, we often hide behind an image of what we want people to think of us in front of a larger audience. Leo and this Full Moon encourage us to sit with any vulnerability that comes up around being the person we’ve always wanted to be. Living in our truth can be challenging and can bring about fear in our body and mind. This Full Moon is an opportunity to look at how you respond to vulnerability and fear. It’s a time to change your reaction to these vibrations and not allow them to control you, especially when bearing your true Self.

As we become comfortable with standing in our truth, we can then celebrate our full Self. Celebrating ourselves also takes courage. We may not realize it, but we often look passed some of the best aspects of ourselves. We tend to take ourselves for granted and don’t give ourselves applause for just being. We feel that we need to do something worthy of praise or approval when, in fact, we are always deserving of these things. Celebrating ourselves without reason is an important practice that tells our subconscious we are worthy of love for simply just existing. As you learn to accept and be yourself this Full Moon, also celebrate the radiant spirit you are today and every day.

As we step into our truth and learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we show others how to do the same. We embrace Leo’s spirit and become leaders, showing others they are worthy of love and respect. We emanate love and compassion and help raise the vibration of the collective. We step into our true essence and find ways to contribute our uniqueness to the collective. When we are not afraid to be ourselves, we help change the world. We show up authentically in all situations, speak our truth without fear, and lead others to their heart. Embodying the true heart of Leo and the collective spirit of Aquarius is a practice, but one this Full Moon can help you begin.

Take your time with the following practices. Feel into the answers and allow them to arise naturally. You also do not need to feel pressured to complete all these questions on the Full Moon. Give yourself as much time as you need, even if these practices extend into the next week or month.


1. List qualities or energies you already accept and love about yourself.

2. List qualities or energies you have a hard time accepting about yourself.

3. Create 3-5 statements of acceptance, that help you accept the things that are challenging. An example is: “ I accept that I don’t always know what to do.”

4. What definitions of yourself are you attached to, even though they may not be true?

5. Who would you be if you released these attachments?

6. What in your life represents your true essence? Ho can you bring more of that into your life?

7. What does vulnerability feel like to you?

8. What makes you feel vulnerable?

9. What would you create if you weren’t afraid of approval of others?

10. How can you celebrate yourself without reason?