Inspiring Change - March/April 2021


March 20th - April 18th


direction | focus | courage



Aries Season

Full Moon (Libra) - 28th March at 19:48

New Moon (Aries) - 12th April at 03:30

UK time

Another year begins. From the waters of Pisces, we meet the fire of Aries and the start of a new astrological year. Aries Season begins on the March Equinox, shifting us from winter’s cool nights to the early morning smells of spring. Aries brings the energy of fresh starts to our lives and reminds us that we always have a chance to renew ourselves. This season is a time to release the past year and step courageously into new vibrations with the confidence you can manifest anything you desire. It’s a time of motivation, excitement, and change. Feel this energy taking over as it guides you to step fully into your power and your dreams.

Aries is the Ram of the zodiac. Ruled by fire and the planet Mars, Aries gives us direction, focus, and courage. This is the energy of new life when the planet awakens from its winter slumber and chooses to live again. Aries is the raw, primal energy of the Universe. It is loud, demanding, and will do anything to survive. Aries teaches us that we have a right to live our soul’s mission. Aries reminds us that it is ok to put ourselves first and pursue our dreams, even if the world brings us obstacles. Align with the frequency of Aries and take up space this season. Show up for yourself first, and then show up for the world in your fullest phase.

Aries is always pointing us towards our life’s journey. Allow this season to awaken your inner desires. What do you want from this life? What are you here to achieve? And what are you willing to fight for? Aries teaches us that we all have a unique life mission. Our soul is on an evolutionary voyage that takes us through many twists and turns. We will have times we feel energized, ready to tackle any challenge, and we will have times when we feel unmotivated as if someone has thrown water on our fire. Aries reminds us that we always have the ability to motivate ourselves and return to a love for life by aligning with our soul. This guiding light will inspire us in our most challenging times and lead us to our life’s direction. Our soul is our inner compass, and if we allow it, it will encourage us to take leaps of faith to follow it.

A core lesson of Aries is the understanding that life is full of challenges. There are many unknowns in this world, and to pursue our mission, we will come up against new circumstances daily. When anything is novel to our energy, it feels a bit scary. We are creatures of habit, and when faced with a unique experience, it can feel stressful. Aries brings us the courage needed to face these challenges and overcome them. Aries teaches us that situations that feel like pressure are the best ones for helping us develop courage. The key is to become excited about the challenge instead of anxious about our inability to face it. Once we face the unknown, it becomes familiar and less intimidating. We can then continue to climb our proverbial mountain, one step at a time, with the inner knowing

that we can handle any challenge that life throws at us. Feel into the motivation to face challenges head-on this season and ask yourself - what are you excited about?

All planets are moving forward throughout this Aries Season, a rare occurrence. Feel into this energy, direct your attention to the future and leave the past behind. It’s time to heal from last year and not allow it to affect your path forward. It’s a time to feel a new vibration and ride the wave of the cosmos to help you get there. Over this season, it will feel like life is moving quickly. Steady yourself with daily meditation and journaling to become clear on where you want to focus your energy. If you can hold the vision of your life, Aries and the rest of the cosmos can help you manifest it at lightning speed. It’s up to you to be ready to receive it and notice if you start to resist something out of fear. Change, even good change, can challenge us. Notice if you are unnecessarily attached to parts of your life and if these attachments are blocking new energy from entering. Instead, welcome the shifts that guide you towards the life of your soul.

As you change with this season, you may notice people and situations in your life also shifting. It may feel shocking at first to have your life change so rapidly. Once you commit your energy to a path of your soul, though, the Universe organizes itself to help you. With all the planets moving forward, there is nothing to block your energy or turn it inward. Your life can evolve as quickly as you’ll allow it. Just know that it will feel unfamiliar at times, and that’s ok. Align with Aries to give you the courage to wake up in your new life, excited for the day, and motivated to live your visions because they belong to you.

Hold your vision, trust in the magic, receive the courage to step into your dreams.

Note // The foundation of this astrological wisdom has been received by Spirit Daughter