Inspiring Change - Feb/March 2021


February 18th - March 19th


peace | intuition | fluidity



Pisces Season

New Moon - 13th March at 10:21 GMT

Full Moon - 28th March at 19:48 GMT

Pisces is shown as two fish swimming in opposite directions, but energetically, this sign represents the ocean - vast, limitless, and expansive. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, and with it comes integration. This Season asks us to take what we have learned this last year and expand our consciousness, stretching our imagination and creativity.

The element of the Pisces season is water and holds many gifts for us.

The first one, and perhaps the most important, is learning how to just BE. Pisces reminds us that there are times of action, and there are times of non-action. This Season is a time to learn how to sit with ourselves, without distraction, and be. While doing nothing is a simple practice, it is very challenging for our minds to rest. We often feel compelled to do something. Whether it be to check our phone, clean the house, or call a friend, there is a part of us that wants to do. To rest, we often need a distraction that disconnects our consciousness from the present. Doing nothing is an art form - one that expands us in ways action cannot.

Over Pisces Season, encourage yourself to simply be. In doing nothing, you will give your body, mind, and energy time to process the world around you. You’ll provide your emotions space to breathe as you cease to react to them, and you’ll open the door for your imagination to flourish. Throughout this Season, challenge yourself to sit with your energy for at least ten minutes a day. This time does not need to be a formal meditation practice, just time for you to do nothing. Allow yourself to daydream, allow your heart to cry if needed, and allow your energy to connect with everything it touches, including nature.

In this space of BEING, we find answers. We can hear our heart as she whispers to us. Pisces teaches us that all we seek is nestled within us. We are connected to the vast knowledge of the Universe at all times. Our intuition is stronger than we could ever realize and holds secrets waiting for us to discover. When we cease the mind’s fluctuations through doing nothing, we open the path to our intuitive knowledge. We receive insights, vibrations, and visions. Instead of seeking through doing, we attract through being. We often become overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to us at any moment- especially when making life-changing decisions. Pisces reminds us that we don’t need to figure everything out through logic and comparative lists. We only need to sit and feel our intuitive guidance.

It is important to note that our life path may not always be what our conscious mind desires. It is connected to our soul and brings the lessons and circumstances that help us grow into the person we were born to be. Our journey can be full of challenges, points of resistance, and lessons our conscious mind would rather not learn. It can be full of hardship and heartbreak but also full of joy, fulfilment, and the inner knowing that we are aligned with our soul. Pisces Season helps us understand, and be open to, our soul’s journey. It also teaches us how to go with the flow of our path, trusting on where we are being lead.

Trust and surrender are some of the main lessons of Pisces. They complement the art of being while asking us to understand that life is always handing us wisdom. We may not understand why something is occurring, but the key to living a calm life is to accept the path we are on and trust that it is all meant to be. Trust and surrender also align with non-reactivity. Pisces teaches us that we do not need to react to every emotion, thought, or action of another. We can become the witness of our energy and watch its fluctuations from outside of ourselves. Through witnessing ourselves and not reacting, we can get to the root of our real emotions and help them pass with conscious attention. When we can see past our emotional reactions and view our core feelings with compassion, we give ourselves the freedom to release them.

Pisces Season teaches us much about ourselves, but the lessons come from simple observation. They do not require us to do anything but merely sit with the vastness of our energy. The more you can observe the ups and downs of your energy, emotions, and thoughts, the less reactive you will become to them. The less you react, the more you will feel at peace, making it more comfortable to sit with yourself. In turn, you’ll hear your intuition and it will give you all of the answers you need to make decisions in your life and trust your life path. You will also surrender to the wisdom life brings you, no longer desiring to control every aspect but instead dancing with life as you co-create your reality with life itself. This is the journey of Pisces, and it all starts with simply being.

You hold your wisdom within you. As you sit in stillness allow the magic of the the natural rhythm of what is to unfold.

Note // The foundation of this astrological wisdom has been received by Spirit Daughter