February 2021 - SOUL

As humans, we crave the ability to express ourselves authentically. Our deepest desire is to be ourselves in every situation. This authenticity requires we have the freedom to do so and the confidence to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, seen, and even judged. Aligning with, and being, our authentic truth is a journey - the Aquarius Season can help us travel.

Below are some tips on how to feel your most authentic self this Season and always.


One of the first steps to being authentic is to know yourself. This self-reflection requires you to take an honest look at who you are and the truths you hold. It’s about understanding what your energy resonates with on a soul level. To find these answers, we often need to sift through layers of conditioning placed upon us. Throughout Aquarius Season, ask yourself what is true to you. What do you believe in? Not your best friend or your partner, but what are YOUR beliefs? What are the stories that define you, and are they aligned with your soul? Are there pieces of yourself you’d rather not look at, and how can you meet them with compassion? Get to know yourself more deeply this Season. Start each day writing down the statement “I am” and allow the rest of the sentence to flow freely from your pen. Create as many statements as you’d like each day as you unravel each layer. Challenge yourself to look at every angle of your personality- even the bits you’d rather avoid. Get to the bottom of who you really are, even if it feels vulnerable. Building awareness is always better than turning the other way. Release self-judgment and if there are things you’d like to change about yourself, take steps to do that. You can always shift your energy, but you need to understand it first. As you learn more about yourself, it will become easier to be the real you everywhere in your life.


As you begin to step into your authenticity and speak your truth, it’s natural to apologise immediately. It’s usually a nervous tick that, once you become aware of, will fade. For some reason, we think our truth is offensive to others. If we speak from love and compassion, however, it is never offensive. It’s important to notice if you are apologizing for being you. Catch every unneeded “I’m sorry” as it directly undermines your words. There is no need to be sorry for speaking your truth from a place of love.


It’s ok if you are the only one who sees things in a certain way- that does not mean it’s wrong. It just means you have a different perspective. We often hide our authentic truth when it doesn’t match what the world around us believes. We downplay our visions and may even withhold them from others. When we live from an authentic place, we often break rules that needed to be challenged in the first place. Many great visionaries went against the status quo, and because they did, they changed life for all of us. When you align with your authenticity, you blaze a new trail. Over this Season, notice if you are holding back out of fear of being the only one who believes a certain truth. Ask yourself if that truth is what you genuinely believe and if it is, share it with others. Stand up for what you believe, even if you’re the only one standing. If others resonate with your visions, you won’t be standing alone for long.


Allow your authenticity to infuse everything you do. We tend to hold our real selves out of certain areas of our life. Perhaps we hide pieces of personality from certain friends or co-workers or don’t speak our truth to our parents. It’s natural to want to peopleplease and impress others who are important to you, but not at the expense of your truth. Being you may ruffle some feathers and may even cause others to look at you differently, but that’s ok. We weren’t put on this Earth to please everyone. We were placed here to be ourselves and align with our soul’s mission. To honor the energy we hold, we need to be our most authentic self in every area, even if we are not liked. It’s more important that you like yourself, and that comes from living your truth.


This step is one of the most important points on this list; you must trust yourself. If it’s true to you- it’s true. If you feel it, it’s real. Even if other’s try to invalidate your experience, know that your reality is enough. Use meditation to center yourself and journal to clarify your thoughts and feelings. Also, learn to listen to your intuition. It is always guiding you and is in touch with your most authentic self.


Vulnerability is necessary for living an authentic life. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it feels uncomfortable, but it is part of the process. Know that vulnerability is experienced by everyone who is speaking and standing in their truth. It’s often a clue that you are on the right track and bearing your true self to the world. The greatest leaders of our time feel vulnerable too. That’s what makes them great leaders - they feel the fear of vulnerability but stand in their truth despite it.


It’s not always easy to speak your truth, especially if you are trying to incite change. Ask the closest people to you to listen or review your work. As you open up to trusted sources, it will be easier to speak your truths to others.


Knowing ourselves is one thing, loving ourselves is another. When we truly love who we are, we more easily show our true self to others. We step into our authenticity with confidence, knowing that we will always love ourselves no matter what the world thinks about us. We also release self-judgment more easily. We have compassion for our journey and know that every up and down is part of the process that makes us who we are. It’s also important to celebrate ourselves. This involves appreciating your unique personality. Throughout Aquarius Season, make a list of things you love and appreciate about yourself. What are you celebrating about yourself each day? As you look over this list, allow it to help you be your most authentic self to yourself and to the world. When you genuinely love yourself, you can’t help but be you.

“she lives in a world of her own imagination, where reality is what she makes it and the only thing holding her back is herself. fueled by stardust and a vision of the future, she leaves a trail of magic as she dances to her own rhythm never stopping to conform to anyone’s expectations but her own.” Spirit Daughter
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