February 2021 - New Moon

11th February at 19:05 UK time

Each month, the Moon makes her way around the Earth, shifting the Sun’s illumination on her as she dances through our sky. We feel her rhythm of waxing and waning until she returns to the New Moon phase and the start of a new Lunar Cycle. This return to darkness also marks her monthly meeting with the Sun. During a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are together in the sky. This conjunction is one of the most powerful aspects in astrology. The combination of these energies and the combined gravitational pull they exhibit makes the New Moon a potent time to harness the cosmos’ energy to create and design our lives.

On a New Moon, the combined effect of both Sun and Moon create a subtle frequency that is felt in our consciousness. Consciousness, in its simplest definition, is an awareness of external stimuli. One theory is that consciousness takes place at the point where differing energies intersect. It extends far passed our physical bodies and grants us the ability to perceive things we cannot see. It also allows us to be affected by subtle energies, such as the Moon. When we work with the Moon’s energy, we build awareness around these shifts in consciousness and direct them to how we see fit.

Our consciousness consists of varying levels. Some are at the forefront of our awareness and are easy to work with, while others are buried deep below the psyche’s surface in our subconscious. Our subconscious contains conditioned patterns from childhood, hidden fears, hidden dreams, and our true authentic self. It is a myriad of energies that direct us without our awareness. During a New Moon, the additional frequencies provided by the Sun and Moon conjunction help bring our subconscious energies to the surface of our mind so we may see and work with them. The New Moon reveals our deepest truths, what we truly desire, and all of the internal blocks that prevent us from attracting the life of our dreams.

With our deepest energies available to work with, the New Moon becomes a time to find out who we really are, what patterns inform our behavior, and what raw emotions are buried beneath our logical mind. It’s also a time to access our intuition and our higher knowing. Our inner guidance exists in both our conscious and subconscious minds, ready to direct our path. Often, this knowledge is buried beneath hidden emotions, waiting for us to listen. On the New Moon, our intuition is heightened, and we have a deeper access to the part of us that knows the answers to the questions we seek. It also reveals the questions we need to ask ourselves to form a vision of the path we need to take to manifest the dreams that resonate with our authentic self.

The combined energy of the Sun and Moon are affected, or flavored, by the zodiac sign in which they are positioned. A New Moon is always in the same sign as the current Sun sign, making the qualities of this zodiac more prevalent in our lives, our minds, and our energy. Each month we can theme the work we do leading up to and on the New Moon with the aspects of the zodiac sign. These energies are swirling all around us. Why not use them to create your best life?

This second New Moon of 2021 is supercharged by the energy of Aquarius. We have the Moon and Sun in Aquarius, joined by Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. The Water Bearer’s energy is at maximum strength, with six cosmic bodies landing in this Air sign bringing us plenty of inspiration, innovation, and clarity to inform our intentions. This New Moon’s main message teaches us that our thoughts, emotions, and actions make up our energetic field and influence the frequency we emit from that field. The vibration we put out into the world attracts the vibrations we receive and our ability to manifest our visions. It also contributes to the collective frequency, helping to shape it.

This New Moon is a strong reminder that it’s time to stop absorbing frequencies around you and instead define them. It’s also a reminder to do the work needed to vibrate at your highest potential. When we vibrate at our highest frequency from a place of authenticity, we become unstoppable, and the world changes for the better because of our presence. As you write your intentions feel into the frequency they need from you to manifest. What vibration do you need to emanate into the world to attract your dreams? What work do you need to do each day to reach that vibrational level that matches your authentic self? On this New Moon, commit to shifting your frequency each day. Begin by taking steps to know yourself at your deepest level, including your beliefs, what makes your heart smile, what you are willing to fight for, and what you want to contribute to the collective. Take your time in learning who you are. You may not uncover every layer on this New Moon but create a routine that will help you discover your authentic truth. Then decide the vibration you want to live at throughout each day. Create practices that help you reach this energy and remain there.

Adjusting your frequency not only helps you; it helps the collective. Aquarius reminds us that we all live in an interconnected web of energy encompassing every being on the planet. What affects you also affects your neighbor even when you don’t realize it. We each emanate a ripple that affects the overall current, that is the vibration of the world. We are an intricate piece of the grand puzzle of life, and every energy on this planet is needed at this time. This concept of interconnectedness is why Aquarius has become the sign synonymous with equality for all peoples. If we are truly connected to everyone else, then we understand what’s good for us is good for others, and vice versa. We naturally want all people to be treated fairly and have the same opportunities because we are also affected by their life path. We are one vibration made up of individuals, merely an extension of one another.

Aquarius goes even further to teach us that what we think, feel, and speak contributes to the collective consciousness. If we are all interconnected through our vibrational frequency, then so is our consciousness. Our shared consciousness makes it essential to become aware of when we enter lower vibratory emotional states like fear or anger. These frequencies not only affect us but feed into the collective consciousness. This is why it is said that fear is contagious. When we feel fear, we send out that vibration into the world and influence people we don’t even know. When we step back from society, we can see how vibrations like fear, scarcity, and anger ripple through the collective, spreading from person to person. In dealing with these vibrations, it becomes imperative that you feel your truth. Are you really scared? or angry? Do you really believe there is not enough? Or are you merely pulling in the collective energy into your consciousness? If your truth doesn’t resonate with vibrations you are experiencing, shift your frequency, and work on emitting that energy into the world instead of absorbing the collective consciousness. In doing this, you’ll raise the collective’s vibration and help others who have not yet learned to define their own frequency. Aquarius is all about elevating the world’s vibration. On this New Moon, unravel how you can help with this mission through your own magic and frequency.

Let’s look at the other planets in Aquarius, contributing to the power of this New Moon. The Sun and the Moon land at 23° Aquarius, the closet planet to them is Mercury at 16°. Mercury is currently retrograde. Mercury Retrograde is nothing to fear, and you do not want to contribute more fear into the collective energy. Mercury Retrograde can help us go inward and hear ourselves more clearly. It can provide clarity to our intentions and teach us what we truly want in this life. It can also show us how we are speaking through our frequency this New Moon. Allow Mercury Retrograde to teach you the language of your energy. What does your vibration say before you can even speak? Our energy arrives moments before our physical body. What does your frequency tell others who are awaiting your arrival? What subtle ways does your vibration communicate, and how do you want it to communicate?

Next up, we have Venus and Jupiter landing together at 12° Aquarius. Venus helps us connect to what we love and find beautiful in the world. Align with Venus’s energy to return to love when you have shifted away from it. What helps you feel love in your heart and emit love to the world? Venus is expanded by Jupiter, who is the planet of faith and luck. Jupiter reminds us of our highest potential in this world. It lures us up the proverbial mountaintop by reminding us of how satisfied we will feel once we reach the pinnacle. The pairing of Jupiter and Venus this New Moon is a perfect match. Love is one of the highest vibrations we can reach as humans. It is our fullest potential. When we emit love, we raise the vibration of everyone around us. Reaching, and remaining, in a state of love is much like climbing a mountain. There are many things in the world which lower our vibration. It takes commitment and focus to remain in the frequency of love. Jupiter and Venus remind us, this New Moon, that the effort is worth it.

Saturn lands at 6° Aquarius, this New Moon, forming a square aspect with Uranus, who lands at 7° Taurus. These two planets will form an exact square (90°) on February 17th, one of three exact squares this year. Saturn in Aquarius reminds us of our personal responsibility to the collective. It teaches us that the energy we attract and emit affects everyone around us. It also brings in the element of karma, reminding us that what we do and say has consequences. If we vibrate at a higher level, then the consequences of our actions are always beneficial for ourselves and others. Saturn encourages us to commit to higher frequencies and know that they are our responsibility to create.

The square of Saturn and Uranus brings in an interesting energy this New Moon, as both are rulers of Aquarius. Saturn is the traditional ruler, guiding society’s rules, and Uranus is the modern ruler, breaking them. Squares tend to crack open energies and rearrange them. Saturn and Uranus squaring creates cracks in systems governing us, including our own energy. This square so close to the New Moon brings the opportunity to shake off energies that have been controlling you. It’s a time to challenge the rules you have set for yourself and recommit your energy to what resonates with your soul. Are there any commitments to the past you need to free yourself from to form a new vision of your future?

As you work with the abundance of Aquarian energies this New Moon, feel into your future self. Who are you becoming? Imagine a version of you that has broken free of the conditioned layers placed upon them and confidently lives their authentic truth. Who is this person? What do you want to feel each day, and what vibration do you want to carry? Feel how you affect everyone around you with your frequency, and notice what you attract when you vibrate at different levels. What frequency is aligned with your truth and with the life you want to create? Feel your ability to raise your vibration and raise the vibration of the world.

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