February 2021 - MIND

These questions are designed to help you become clear in your intentions. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself before answering them. Sit with each question for a moment and allow the answer to naturally arise, being open to the person you are becoming. As you write, know you are opening the door to your intuition and giving permission to your highest visions to come out and be seen.


  1. What helps you feel your authentic truth? What allows you to know yourself on the deepest level?

  2. How does it feel to live authentically? Do you feel vulnerable? Excited? Courageous? Or any other emotion?

  3. What frequency do you want to experience each day and emit into the world? What brings you into this frequency?

  4. Envision your future self. What guidance would they give to the person you are today?


Now is the time to dream. Intention setting is about creating the vision of your best life and creating the frequency you are going to hold to manifest this life. Intentions are not goals or to-do lists; rather, they are a way of life. They shift the energy you carry with you at all times and remind you of how you want to live. They are more about energy and less about the to-do list.

As you write your intentions, remember you are creating a frequency. These are visions you intend to hold. They are not mandatory, and they can change as many times as you need them to. Do, though, attempt to create intentions that you are willing to commit to for a period of time. This can be a lunar cycle, six months until the Full Moon in Aquarius, or several years. Dedicating your energy to an intention allows you to call in what you need to manifest it more easily.

Before you write, clear your mind of any expectations of what you think you want and be open to visions appearing from your intuition. Receive guidance from yourself and the Universe. Often, we create intentions from a place of logic. We can overthink our intentions in an effort to make them concise and clear. Attempt to let your logical mind rest. Practice the yoga and the meditation sections before writing your intentions to calm your energy and open the doorway for your inner knowledge.

Once you feel settled in your mind and connected in your body, create a scene in your mind. In this scene, see your future life. Envision every detail of a day or a period of time in this life. Also, embody the feeling this life gives you. What does it feel like to live your dreams? Who is there with you? What elements are present that add detail to your intentions? Most importantly, what vibration are you feeling and emitting? What is the frequency of your dream?

After you’ve written your intentions, feel the energy they create in your body. Return to this energy every day throughout the lunar cycle. Remember what your visions feel like, and hold space for them to unfold in your life. After you have given yourself plenty of time to work with your vision, feel gratitude for having already received your dream. Know that it is already here, working its way into your consciousness and into your reality.