February 2021 - Inspiring Change


inspiration | illumination | open-minded



Aquarius Season

New Moon - 11th at 19:05 GMT

Full Moon - 27th at 08:17 GMT


From the structure and order of Capricorn, we land in the open-minded and vast airwaves of Aquarius. This first Sun Season of 2021 brings us inspiration, illumination, and a glimpse of the future. Aquarius is the rebellious, freedom-loving, progressive Air sign of the zodiac. This energy helps to break society’s rules and form new paradigms better suited for the evolution of humanity. Aquarius allows us to think outside of the proverbial box and process the world through our unique filter. This season is a time to dig passed the layers of societal conditioning placed upon you and feel your most authentic truth, then have the courage to live it.

Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius is an often misunderstood energy. At its heart, Aquarius teaches us who we are beyond what we were told to be. It is the sign of individuality and fearless self-expression. Aquarius stirs up the part of us that beats to their own drum and cares not what others think of the song. Aquarius teaches us to question everything and ask if it is our truth. We often take on other people’s truths. Much of culture is passed down in this manner, where ideologies and societal norms are merely patterns we pick up on as children. We take on these collective energies as our reality until we question them. This season is a time to find the answers we seek.

The flip side of Aquarius, and the part that can become confusing, is it is also the sign of the collective. So while it teaches us to form our own truth, it also asks us to do so for the benefit of others. Aquarius teaches us that we live in a world with other people. Like all air signs, it helps us connect with others and remember that we all breathe together. What happens to one member of the collective creates a ripple effect through the planet, touching everyone’s energy, whether they know it or not. While Aquarius asks us to be ourselves and break free of societal conditioning, it also asks us to respect our place in the collective and know that we contribute to a consciousness shared by all. This season helps us reconcile these two varying energies of Aquarius and merge them to help raise the vibration of the world. The key is that everyone in society lives their authentic truth from the highest frequency their energy can achieve. Part of this season’s work is finding out who you are and defining your beliefs, while the other part is doing the work to raise your vibration. Ideally, we want to live in the vibration of love, compassion, peace, hope, gratitude, and joy.

Aquarius sets up lofty goals for society, but if we can all hold the vision for this type of future, it may come to fruition. Aquarius asks us to see past the current status quo and envision a new world that understands everyone’s differences yet accepts everyone equally. It’s a world where everyone is living their truth at their highest vibration. It may be challenging to imagine a place where everyone effectively is doing what they want, but it becomes more plausible if we add in the image of them doing what they want from love or compassion. The key to stepping into the Aquarius age is to pair knowing and living your truth while remaining in the higher energetic frequencies. We then emit these vibrations into the world, helping to elevate the collective consciousness. We also no longer absorb energies around us and can define our own truth.

As we venture through this exciting season, feel into what frequency you rest at each day. How do you feel when you wake up? What shifts you up and down the vibrational scale? For instance, if you wake up in an angry or jealous vibration, what helps you change to a state of motivation or gratitude? Conversely, if you wake up in a vibration of love, what lowers your frequency throughout the day? Our vibration can be affected by many things, some external and some internal. While the external ones we often can not control, we can control our reaction to them. Notice how your responses to the world around you changes your frequency. Also, notice how you treat yourself changes your frequency. When we do not accept and love ourselves, our vibration suffers. Aquarius teaches us to see ourselves from every angle and accept it all without judgment. Notice how self-judgment, self-doubt, and self-rejection affect you energetically. Carefully monitor your frequency and notice what you can do each day to set it at the vibrational level most beneficial for yourself and others. Know that when you do, you are raising the vibration of the world.

“she lives in a world of her own imagination, where reality is what she makes it and the only thing holding her back is herself. Fueled by stardust and a vision of the future, she leaves a trail of magic as she dances to her own rhythm never stopping to conform to anyone’s expectations but her own.” Spirit Daughter