February 2021 - FULL MOON


Saturday, February 27th 08:17am GMT

Why the full Moon?

The New Moon is when we plant seeds of change we wish to have. The Full Moon is the time we do the work to manifest the fruits of those seeds. Often at this point in the Lunar Cycle, we begin to see blocks or barriers arise in the manifestation of our visions. These blocks can be a course correct that is coming from an external force; while other blocks can come from our inner landscape.

The full moon is the time when we do the work to peel away the unconscious patterns or emotions that are blocking us from our dreams. This is the time when we are invited to step into the shadows of our minds and feel into parts of ourselves that we like to keep hidden. The beautiful light of the full moon helps us to see and step into these areas so we can shift, release and forgive from a loving and compassionate space.

Each full moon will invite us to step into a different aspect of our shadows. If you would like to read more about Shadow, I have written a short piece here.


  1. Is there any part of you that doesn’t feel good enough or worthy of your visions?

  2. Is there any part of you that feels lovable? How can you accept all of your imperfections and show yourself unconditional love, daily?

  3. What do you want to give to the world? How can your unique perspective, life journey, and creativity heal others?

  4. Where do you need healing to feel worthy of giving your gifts? What shadows need attention? What blocks need to be shifted?

  5. What makes you feel vulnerable in sharing your energy? And how can you overcome feeling vulnerable to give your offering?

  6. Do you allow yourself to make mistakes? How do mistakes make you feel? How can you shift them into lessons handed to you by life?

  7. What helps you be and receive? What helps you let go of control and trust life?

  8. What helps you hear, listen and trust your intuition? How can it help you break the barriers of your logical mind?

  9. What expectations of yourself do you need to release to flow with life more?

  10. What are three things you can do this week to remind yourself that you are worthy of your dreams, good enough to give your gift and lovable in our imperfections?


Virgo is the powerful sign of the Goddess, perfect unto herself. This wonderful energy is a beautiful reminder that we all have our own gifts within. The world around us is patiently waiting - but first we need to be ready to give it. The key here is for us to feel good enough, to feel empowered from within so we can share our gifts without hesitation or fear.

Virgo energy is teaching us that we are always ready, always worthy and perfect as we are.

When Virgo meets the full moon - the energy will be inviting us (challenging us, triggering us... place your word here) to release our fear of making mistakes. She will be asking us to leap.

Releasing ourselves of those thoughts or beliefs where we believe that we are not worthy or clever enough for being awesome. Shedding the layers of conditioned patterns that tell us that we are not good enough. Freeing ourselves from perfectionism as we transform every 'mistake' into a beautiful lesson that has happened so we can evolve.

Feeling into parts of yourself that do not feel worthy.

As we make our way through the energy of this full moon, allow yourself to feel into those parts of you that are feeling unworthy. Connect to your heart and ask her what she wants to give to the world? Virgo is the sign of service. To be of service is when we contribute to healing and raising the vibration of the collective. Service can show up in many shapes and forms - start with the feeling of what being of service means to you. Throughout this full moon, ask yourself what you are here to give. THEN ask yourself if you are giving it without hesitation or if there is something that is holding you back.

We often do not feel worthy of our talent. We may even suffer from imposter syndrome, thinking we do not know enough or don’t have the right training or credentials to give to others. This Moon is a time to step into your full power and realize your potential. It’s a time to shift from the energy of lack, which tells us we are not enough, to the energy of abundance, which tells us we are full. When we come from a mindset of lack, we don’t think we have anything to give to others. Lack and scarcity, though, can be shifted. Once we recognize the various ways we tell ourselves we are not enough, we can replace this thinking with thoughts that enforce our worth and abundance.

The key to working with this Moon is to embrace your mistakes, and release fear of making new ones. Mistakes are lessons that teach us about the future. They take us on new paths of discovery about ourselves, and they show us sides of situations we may not have encountered. Mistakes are simply part of life that all humans experience. Often when we open up and talk about our mistakes, we find that others immediately understand what we have been through. Our mistakes, like many things, connect us. Our mistakes can also become a gift to others. Our journey may be a roadmap for someone else. Throughout this Full Moon, ask yourself what you have learned from your mistakes and how they have shaped you into who you are today. Can you be grateful for them? Furthermore, what gifts may be hiding in your mistakes?

As you work with your mistakes this Full Moon, ask yourself if they are holding you back out of fear of making another one? Have you aligned with the earth element so much you’ve become stuck or stagnant in your energy? Have you forgotten to flow with life and embrace her rhythm? Feel into the combination of water and earth, this Full Moon helping to free you of places you are not growing because of fear. Notice what you are attached to and how it may preventing you from reaching your true potential.

The Full Moon in Virgo helps us understand how to feel good enough so we can be of service, knowing that giving to others is part of our life’s mission. When we help others and help raise the vibration of the world, we help ourselves. We live in an interconnected matrix of energy. What affects one person affects everyone. As we shift our mindset to focus on feeling worthy and enough, we help others feel worthy and enough. They then give their gift to the world, and a beautiful loop of reciprocity begins with everyone giving to each other. This loop raises the frequency of the collective and reminds us that we are all connected. It all starts, though, by honoring what we have to give and feeling good enough right now to share it. This Full Moon is here to help you let go of any resistance around feeling worthy and step into your true Goddess selves.


While the Moon sits in Virgo, the Sun sits in opposition in Pisces. Virgo and Pisces form a spectrum, or axis, of energy. At either end exists their extremes or shadows. In the middle, here their energies meet, lives a beautiful integration of their highest vibrations.

Every energy has a high side and a low side. We can align with either side at any time, and we can shift from a lower vibration to a higher one with the right focus and intention. Every Full moon brings us the opportunity to do shadow work, where we can peer behind the walls of our conscious mind into our shadows. We can feel if we are resonating with the low frequencies of either energy and shed light on this part of ourselves, revealing unconscious patterns.

The higher vibrations of Pisces and Virgo...

With the Moon’s help, we can shift into a higher vibration through release and often forgiveness. On this Virgo Full we can merge the higher vibrations of Pisces and Virgo to form a fully integrated energy, which is stronger than their individual energies alone.

Pisces and Virgo offer us two different portals to that same energy of spirituality, healing, and service. Where Pisces is formless, chaotic, and all-encompassing. Virgo is form, order, and refinement. Where Virgo is worldly, connected to the Earth. Pisces is otherworldly, connected to infinite space.

Pisces sees no distinction between us and another. Pisces teaches us that we are all connected through the universal consciousness, with the Universe itself living through each one of us. Virgo’s energy, however, demands we stay within the boundaries of space, time, and our body. She asks us to define our energy and our world. Virgo also believes we are the Universe but inspires us to create containers, through organized practices, to help us connect with our most intuitive self using direction and intent.

Pisces encourages us to not react to emotions but rather observe the fluctuations of energy and sensations within our body and mind. From this non-reactive state, Pisces follows the flow of the Universe trusting its every twist and turn. Pisces surrenders to the unknown and teaches us to be patient as we watch our lives unfold. Virgo, on the other hand, acts. Virgo understands the flow of the Universe but chooses to provide some direction. She recognizes when boundaries are needed between us and other people. Virgo reminds us that while trust and surrender are important, so are direction and guidance. The Universe will respond to deadlines and time limits if we state them. We do not have to sit around patiently forever, waiting for our dreams to manifest. Virgo teaches us that we can make some reasonable demands. We can ask, for example, to see a sign in the next six months or to have a dream come to fruition within a year. Our job then becomes to trust that what doesn’t unfold on our timeline may be an opportunity for redirection.

The lower vibrations of Pisces and Virgo...

As Pisces and Virgo’s energies dance with each other this Full Moon, their lower vibrations are also revealed. The low or shadow side of Pisces includes escapism, addiction, and co-dependency. These conditions stem from the lack of boundaries between Pisces and the outside world, causing too many emotions. When we align with this side of Pisces, we take on a myriad of external energies. We become unaware of which emotions are our own and which ones belong to someone else. We then seek behaviors that help us drown out all feelings, so we do not have to sort through them but rather escape them. This escapism shows up as unconscious eating, binging television shows, drug and alcohol use, along with the activities that help us numb out or disconnect from the experience of life. The other side of this escapism is to get lost in empathy and feel everything to the point of losing touch with oneself through full enmeshment with the energies of others.

This is the shadow side of empathy - we can no longer separate our feelings from someone else’s. Both of these extreme sides of Pisces can illuminate shadows within ourselves that cause escapism or lack of emotional boundaries. If you notice either of these behaviors in yourself, go deeper and ask what they tell you about your unconscious. What needs to shift so you can have healthy emotional reactions to your life while understating what feelings are yours and other people’s? Where do you need boundaries, and how can those boundaries help you manifest your visions?

Virgo, on the other hand, can be too confining. The low vibrations of this sign are perfectionism, overbearing behavior, and extreme detail to spatial configurations. The extreme low, or shadow, side of Virgo is rigidity and over-analysis to the point of paralysis. When we align with these lower vibrations, we procrastinate from fear of failure, we suffer from anxiety over inconsequential mistakes, and we go over projects needlessly. We also focus too much on time. We never feel we have enough of it, and we waste time merely worrying about it. Feel into parts of you that align with this side of Virgo. Do you have any shadows in your unconsciousness that cause you to feel not good enough or unworthy? Where do these feelings come from? What forms the foundation of any perfectionism you experience? And how can you confront feelings of inadequacy to step into your true power? Virgo’s shadows can show us places of resistance that cause us to stall our dreams and simply not put them out into the world. We never feel good enough. Even when the world tells us we are, we feel they are lying and our praise unwarranted. In working with our shadows that align with Virgo’s low side, we need to accept ourselves as-is and feel our power to choose our life. We also need to feel our limitation to control everything. Some things in life just happen, and nothing we do could ever control them. It is not our job to create a perfect life. There is no such thing. Our job is to dance what we can control, understanding that life has its own rhythm, and sometimes we just need to flow with it.

As you bring your awareness to Pisces and Virgo’s lower vibrations in your own self, you open the door to shift them into a higher state. Understanding is the first step for release. As you shift the lower vibrations, you can fully integrate the higher vibrations of Pisces and Virgo. This leads to a non-reactive self who is in full control of their inner and outer worlds. A person who loves and accepts themselves fully, knowing they are part of the vast Universe. This connection brings forth endless inner knowledge and imagination. When aligned with both Pisces and Virgo, it becomes easy to create flexible boundaries, which provide direction to your life. They allow you to go with the flow and give some guidance to the current without controlling it. When we accept life as-is, it releases the pressure on us to be perfect, know everything, and always make the right decision. It allows for mistakes, lessons, and leaps of faith. When we learn to dance with life, we balance doing and being. We act with the best intention but know that life is always handing us wisdom. It is not our job to know everything. It’s our job to be open to learning everything.

On this Full Moon, release the part of you that seeks to control every aspect of life. Feel into where that urge may come from and what shadow it is revealing. Also, become aware of what part of you feels unloved and instead show self-love to every aspect of yourself. For a moment, do not wish to change anything about yourself and instead accept everything you are today- even your shadows. Shed light and compassion on yourself and know that you are part of the magic of the Universe. You are magic, and the world is waiting for your magic, even if it is presented imperfectly.