April 2021 - New Moon

12th April at 03:30am UK time


The New Moon is one of the most powerful times of the lunar cycle. The Moon’s energy is subtle at this time. She may be in darkness, but she still has the ability to create dramatic shifts in our vibration. New Moons are the start of a new Lunar Cycle, ripe with potential and possibility.

As the Moon and Sun meet, they create a spark. This spark is the seed for new beginnings and new frequencies to evolve through the Lunar Cycle. This spark is what makes our intentions set on a New Moon so potent. Each month, we have the chance to begin again. We can choose which vibrations we are calling into our world. When we consciously select the energies we want to embody, we empower ourselves to manifest any dream. We tell the Universe what we are ready to receive and what we are welcoming into our lives.

On this New Moon, feel the power of your intuition and feel what your soul is speaking. Align with Aries’ energy where the Sun and Moon are meeting to help you feel your soul and your purpose. You can go deeper into understanding how this New Moon will affect you by looking at the house that is ruled for you by Aries. You can look your chart up at astro-charts.com. Know that whatever you choose to focus our energy on, this New Moon is an opportunity for a fresh start and new vibration capable of manifesting your highest visions.


When Aries meets the New Moon, sparks fly. This is the Moon to feel into your warrior spirit and take bold leaps to create the life of your dreams. Aries reminds us that what we desire may not come easily. There will be hurdles on the path of your visions. Many of these hurdles are internal blocks that we need to confront to evolve into the person our soul wants us to be. This New Moon is the perfect time to feel into your heart, ask it what it wants, and ask what is holding you back. There is an element of expansion on this New Moon. It’s time to reach for your highest potential and take the necessary leaps to get you there - even if those leaps scare you. Aries brings you fire and motivation.

Use this energy to take significant steps on your path this New Moon. Allow yourself and your energy to take up space. Claim your dreams and let go of any fear that you don’t deserve them. The life you want to live is yours to create. Align with the New Moon to give you the confidence and courage you need to admit your soul’s desire and plant seeds that will manifest it. Notice if you shy away from your potential or if fear of success is secretly causing you to not welcome energies that can help you build it. This is a New Moon to face your fears and discover what may be blocking you from stepping into your power. What is hindering your full fire and magic?

This New Moon can also bring us frustration and restlessness. The energy runs high this day. Notice if you are directing it both internally and externally. If you feel yourself snapping at partners or co-workers, take a step back and anchor into your breath to ground you. Also, be aware if you are directing the overwhelming energy of today towards yourself. This attack may look like frustration, anger, or regret. How are you at war with yourself? And what can help you end the battle and instead harness the abundant energy of Aries towards creating your dreams? We often feel frustrated when we are not living our soul’s mission. It may start as a nagging feeling each day until we are completely fed up with our current life, not knowing how to change our days.

When you feel lost in life, it’s important to recognize your power to change it. You have the ability to create any life you want. If you are living one that doesn’t feel aligned with your soul, take small steps each day to shift it. Become clear on what you do want and know it is possible. Transform your frustration into motivation to break through self-imposed limitations. Identify your internal obstacles and take leaps to overcome them. Know that creating your highest visions can feel intimidating. Start this New Moon by telling yourself you are worthy of your dreams, capable of manifesting them, and ready to receive guidance from the Universe.

Feel your internal fire and know it can fuel you on the days you feel unmotivated, push you up mountains when you’ve lost your passion, and it can burn down anything that gets in your way- including your own mind. Fire needs both Earth and Air. Earth to ground it and give it fuel, and air to fuel and direct it. Feel your internal fire today and notice what it needs. Do you need to ground and stabilize it with concrete ideas? Do you need to fuel it with inspiration and visions of what could be? Or do you need to direct it through focus and conscious awareness? What does your fire need this New Moon, and what are you ready to create with its magic?

JOURNAL QUESTIONS to open us up to this New Moon energy..

1. What teaches you the most about your souls mission? How can you learn more?

2. What fears come up when you think about your potential? What helps you overcome them?

3. What does it feel like to be aligned with your purpose and passion?

4. What inspires you when you feel motivated? What inspires you when you feel unmotivated? How can you use these inspirations to feed your internal fire?


Write your intentions 48 to 72 hours after the new moon. If this timeframe does not work for you, feel free to write them during a time that aligns with your energy, and the Universe will follow. This is your space to dream. In dreaming, you write your future and call into existence every energy you need to support your visions.

Before beginning, find calmness within. The Aries New Moon can stir up many emotions. If you feel over-energized, restless, or anxious, try practicing the meditation portion of this workbook before taking pen to paper. Once you feel settled, open yourself to the guidance of the Universe by stating what you are open to receiving on this night. Examples are: “I am open to receiving love and beauty; I am open to receiving intuition and guidance; “ I am open to receiving the lessons I need for my energy to evolve.” These can be anything that supports your dreams and intentions but gives the Universe space to hand you the energies you ultimately need.

Now, take a moment to create a scene in your mind. In this scene, all that you wish to call in is already yours. You have found your path and know what it feels like. You may even have a sense of what it is like to walk it. If you need motivation, envision something which brings this energy to you. Whatever it is you desire in your life, feel it. Feel what it is like to live your vision and align with your journey. Do not worry about how you will get there or the list of to-dos needed to accomplish your goals. Just focus on the feeling of already living your dream. Know with every ounce of your being that it is already true. It already exists for you.

Write in as much detail as possible, and write without limits. Just let your mind explore. Align with the energy of Aries to believe that anything is possible. Be as optimistic as possible in creating your dreams, and quickly replace any self-doubts with new mantras. Feel the fire energy of this New Moon, inspiring you to reach for something greater than you have in the past. Feel the power you have to manifest any vision and allow yourself to believe in your potential to create them. As you write, feel a sense of gratitude for what you are dreaming; thank the Universe for giving it to you and thank yourself for creating it. Gratitude always creates abundance.

Your soul knows the way, it is your mind that needs directions. Listen to your Soul whispers, she will guide you home.

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