This 3 month programme is a dedicated one to one container for YOU. 

When your body is burnt out you must make the choice to nourish yourself so that your nervous system can regulate.


Naturally our bodies will be in the winter months, time for hibernation - healing, stillness, meditation.

  • Time to master non attachment as you find new perspectives.

  • Time to step back from the business of day-to-day life and focus on your inner realm.

  • Time to become more self aware so you can hear the wisdom that comes from within & live more intuitively.

Having the internal rest so you can awaken in Spring with the desire & passion to reach beyond your wildest dreams.

Your inner fire is ready to be lit - it will shine for all to see.


Healing your heart & voice as you connect to the truth of your soul.



Surrendering into a space where you feel safe to let go. Healing your whole body. 

Reclaiming your fire - awakening your desire & passion. Stepping into your truth so you shine for all to see.

What is included?

Each month you will receive a 90 minute ELEMENTAL HEALING & EMBODIMENT SESSION plus also a 60 minute REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT. 

These are in person (one to one) sessions that will take place at my clinic in Wantage, Oxfordshire.


 - Online access to PRE-RECORDED MEDITATIONS to nourish you during each month of upleveling.

- A monthly group MEET UP & WALK for outside connection to nature immersing yourself into the whispers of the woods. A time to truly connect to the stillness as we meditate and heal collectively.

- HUMAN DESIGN BLUEPRINT so you can connect with how to best use your energy in your business of your day to day life.


Nourish is a 3 month container that can be paid in full at a slightly discounted price of



3 monthly instalments of £266

This container is closed to 6 people

Are you ready to put yourself first? Value the person you have come here to be? To love yourself wholeheartedly so you can step into your light and shine?

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