Are you burnt out? Juggling every ball with no time left to nourish yourself? Wanting to reawaken your joy?

This 3 month programme is a dedicated one to one container for YOU. 

When your body is burnt out you must make the choice to nourish yourself so that your nervous system can regulate.


Naturally our bodies will be in the winter months, time for hibernation - healing, stillness, meditation.

Having the internal rest so you can awaken in Spring with the desire & passion to reach beyond your wildest dreams.

Your inner fire is ready to be lit - it will shine for all to see.


Healing your heart & voice as you connect to the truth of your soul.



Surrendering into a space where you feel safe to let go. Healing your whole body. 

Reclaiming your fire - awakening your desire & passion. Stepping into your truth so you shine for all to see.

What is included?

Over the 3 months we will create a space for Stillness, Healing and deep nourishment through receiving deep healing sessions, connection & remembering. This is all about curating a strong foundation so you are ready to step into your Fire when Spring begins.


We will be weaving your HUMAN DESIGN blueprint throughout our time together. Beginning with an immersive session as we align you with your truth. Reconnecting with how to best use your energy in your business of your day to day life. 

To support you as you shed all the layers of years of living in a way you thought you should be living. As we heal and release all your wounds that have occurred from all the years of not feeling OK with who you are. Thinking you were broken, thinking that there was something wrong with you. Finding peace & clarity with who you are through deep ELEMENTAL HEALING & EMBODIMENT SESSION plus also reconnecting you back into your body through REFLEXOLOGY.

[2 sessions each month]

Monthly one to one SOUL WALKS - for outside connection to nature immersing yourself into the whispers of nature. A time to truly connect to the stillness as we together have open hearted chats and mindful moments - gaining clarity as you listen to the truth of your soul. [1 meet up each month]

These are all in person (one to one) sessions that will take place at my clinic in Wantage, Oxfordshire. The Soul walks will be cone in the surrounding area - Ardington, Snelsmore Common & Wayland Smithy. Tapping into the Energy Ley Lines that we have on our door step. 



3 Months container

per month

This container is closed to 6 people

Are you ready to put yourself first? Value the person you have come here to be? To love yourself wholeheartedly so you can step into your light and shine?

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