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Grounding, Cleansing & Protection meditation

15mins of deep grounding, cleansing and protecting your energy body.

Gentle Breathing Meditation

10 min meditation to reconnect you in with your breath and the present moment.

Heart Brain Coherence Meditation

10min meditation to connect you in with your heart. Release, open up and listen to her voice.


Root Chakra Meditation sounds

Balancing Energy, Grounding Shaman Drumming

by Calm Whale

Sacral Chakra Meditation sounds

Feel Sense of Beauty Within and Around You by Calm Whale

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation sounds

Remove Subconscious Blockages - Shaman Drum & RAV by Calm Whale

Heart Chakra Meditation sounds

RAV Drum Shamanic Journey

by Calm Whale

Throat Chakra Meditation sounds 

RAV Vast Journey by Calm Whale

Third Eye Chakra Meditation sounds

432hz || Kalimba & Rainstick Meditation Music by Calm Whale

Crown Chakra Meditation sounds

The Gate to the Cosmic Self

by Calm Whale

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