Elemental Sound Alchemy

Music is in my lineage from my mothers side. It has been passed down through generations of my ancestors. I intuitively connect to sound as it travels through me. Recently I have been allowing my soul voice to be expressed. I call it Soul singing but you might know it as Light Language.

When we use sound - through instruments, voice, you are creating a frequency. A vibration of energy that moves through you. After spending time with Shamir Chadha of GRID ACTIVATIONS - my world was opened up to using Sound in my healings. The elements of creation - earth, wind, water, fire, ether - can be used as basic languages of sound for us to communicate with.


The foundational principles of sound and the elements can be applied and worked with in alchemical, transformational or healing processes with awareness and conscious intention.

All of the elements find direct expression in our physical and energetic bodies. All of the elements need to be in balance for life to thrive.

I see myself as an Alchemist - weaving sound, crystals, energy through this timeline and other timelines.

I have been guided to create 2 new In person Treatment sessions using crystals, Sound Healing and bodywork.