Corporate Wellness

I am passionate about stress and the effect that it has on the body and mind. Stress has become the ‘norm’ for so many of us that we have no idea the stress that we are under until we become Chronically ill and have to take an extended period away from our business.

Did you know that, according to HSE (Health & Safety Executive), approximately 10 million working days are lost annually due to Stress related illnesses?

Is your company passionate about your employees health? Do you want to reduce staff absence whilst also increasing productivity & creativity?

Benefits to Businesses:

~ Increases positive productivity and mental clarity
~ Relieves stress and tension in the workplace
~ Improves morale and motivates staff
~ Increases attendance
~ Demonstrates commitment to development and well being of employees
~ Enhances your company profile

Benefits to Employees:

~ De-stressing and relaxing
~ Uplifting and improves energy flow
~ Improves concentration
~ Helps to alleviate physical and mental fatigue
~ Releases negative emotions
~ Creates inner peace and calm
~ Increased job satisfaction

If you are interested in increasing Productivity and Job Satisfaction within your workplace then contact me via the form below.